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The Features and Benefits of ZX Power Add-on by Spinergy

Propelling a manual wheelchair is not an easy task. We make sure the casinos you choose for your next slot experience meet the highest industry standards. It requires a lot of effort and strength and when transfers and other movements need to be done, you come to realize that you need a helper. An air conditioner does not take air from…. ZX Power Add-on Spinergy is the helper you should not miss. It will help you preserve upper body strength and reduces the effects of pushing your manual wheelchair. Navigating surfaces like carpet, grass and even hills will be an effortless venture.

Easy Attach and Detach

Spanners, bolts, tightening and fixing are not everyone’s delight. If you are in this category then you should not worry again about all these in case you want to convert your manual wheelchair to a power assist one. The ZX power add-on does not require any tool to attach and detach it from your chair. You simply need to back it on the device attach to it and boom you are there. You will only need the joystick to help you operate the device.

24 Volt Gear Driven Electric Motors for easy manoeuvre

If you purchase the ZX power add-on you enjoy the unique feature of a 24-volt gear-driven electric motor that is only commonly found on most large power chairs. It is ideal for different types of terrains including gravel, thick grass, rocky among others. This ability makes it a unique power assist device compared to the others in the market; it is strong, light at only 82lbs and perfectly fits under your manual wheelchair. It is convenient for air travel and at home even with space that is narrow. Continue reading

Features of Pride Maxima Heavy Duty 3- Wheel Scooter

Pride Maxima Heavy Duty 3- Wheel ScooterThis is an ultra heavy-duty scooter designed for comfort and performance. It has a weight capacity of 500 lb and a maximum speed of 5.25 mph. It is made with the bariatric market in mind. This scooter with its list of standard features that include an easily adjustable tiller, 22″ wide medium back seat, NF 22 battery capacity and ultra heavy-duty drive train is worth it. And so let’s cover the features:

Comfortable Reclining Back Seat

Once you are comfortably seated in the reclining high seat, it goes without saying that your safety is ensured. You will also save your back and spine problems arising from lack of good posture that may have detrimental end results.

Standard conveniences and Safety Features

This scooter has a full light package ideal for your safety when you ride in not so well lit places or even when you ride at night. The lights ensure that you can be spotted from a distance by other road users besides ensuring that you light your way. Besides, it comes with a front basket for you to easily carry your stuff. Continue reading

What to Look for when Buying Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair GlovesIf you are a wheelchair user and propel yourself on a daily basis or even once in a while you will agree with me that a lot of pressure is exerted your palms, and when repeated it may lead discomfort, abrasions and blisters. And honestly, you will not be able to propel yourself in your wheelchair another inch with painful palms. But here is the best news, with a pair of gloves you will never go through such pain. Gloves will protect your hands from potential injuries; they also shield your hands from repetitive stopping and starting of your wheelchair. Choosing wheelchair gloves should be done with care, the following tips will help you.


Propelling a wheelchair is a tough job; the regular spin of the wheel exposes them to wear and tear. The reason why you should choose gloves that can withstand regular wear while protecting your hands from harsh weather conditions. Moisture increases the risk of wear and tear for your gloves. To save your money consider choosing gloves that will “breathe” and not retain moisture.

Perfect Fit

Pushing and pulling your wheelchair is a daunting task in itself not only for new wheelchair users but even for users with experience. When purchasing wheelchair gloves do not only go for those that give protection to your hands but test and make sure they feel good on your skin. The material used should be appropriate, soft leather and gel padding will do great for your hands and palms. Continue reading

The A-Z Guide of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair rampsThe A-Z Guide of Wheelchair Ramps come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Some are fixed while some are semi-permanent while others could even be portable. And that is not all, they can also either be platform ramps or track ramps, folding or telescoping ramps. The variations are plenty you can chose a ramp that can be just big enough to get over a threshold of your doorway to a ramp that is made to navigate a user to the very top of a long flight of stairs.  Whether you are looking for a new ramp for your home or business or need to update your old one, you need to understand fully and consider a number of things that concern wheelchair ramps.

When building, upgrading or purchasing a wheelchair ramp, you need to have the following in mind.

Weight is Key

It goes without saying that the job of the ramp is to basically lift weights. Your weight to be precise, the weight specifications of ramps must, therefore, come first on your checklist. Wheelchair ramps are designed for different types of wheelchairs, some are for electric wheelchairs, some for manual wheelchairs and some for just any wheelchair. Your choice of wheelchair ramp should be in line with what it was designed for, it may save a future accident from happening. Continue reading

7 Amazing Tips for Selecting Crutches

7 Amazing Tips for Selecting CrutchesCrutches will make walking a lot easier in cases where you have a condition but do not need to be confined to a wheelchair. Your physical therapist or orthopedist should help fit you and guide you on the best crutches to purchase. And that advice coupled with the tips I will share with you in this post will ensure you choose the right crutches convenient for your comfort in your movement.

Adjustability of the Crutches

The freedom to choose options best suited for your comfort is a plus; since everyone has their preferences and levels of comfort differ among people. Your choice of crutches should include this consideration, whether they can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the different heights of people. Most aluminum crutches have a button that is pushed to adjust their height. Wooden crutches, however, do not have the option of lengthening or shortening them, hence, if you choose to purchase wooden ones ensure you get them in the right size.

Lightweight vs Heavyweight

Aluminum crutches are lighter compared to wooden ones. And as you might expect, wooden crutches cost less than the aluminum ones. Also, aluminum crutches are easy to use despite their higher cost. This information is vital in helping you make a decision on which crutches is best suited for you and your pocket. Continue reading

4 Factors that Affect the Mobility of Your Manual Wheelchair

4 Factors that Affect the Mobility of Your Manual WheelchairThe level of mobility of a wheelchair is what determines its efficiency. Good wheelchair mobility means it is easy to maneuver and operate; the rides are smooth and not hindered by any external or internal factors. And here is the disturbing question: What are the factors that affect mobility?

What Type of Terrain will be used by Wheelchair?

Smaller front wheels work better indoors and on wheelchairs used for sports, they have sharp turns compared to ones with large front wheels. On the other hand, outdoor and rough terrain requires larger front wheels. Large wheels will absorb the roughness of the terrain.

The Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment

If you can adjust the center of gravity of your wheelchair you increase its stability. I will explain this, positioning your wheelchair’s center of gravity according to your needs ensures that your weight is evenly distributed hence ensuring stability. Aluminum light wheelchairs allow you to adjust the center of gravity by moving the rear wheel position forward, upward, upward and downward. But hang in there a minute… you should know how to balance this as the further back and upward you move the center of gravity the more weight shifts to the rear wheels. This will enhance mobility but hinder stability. Continue reading

7 Basic Checks for Your Wheelchair Maintenance

7 Basic Checks for Your Wheelchair MaintenanceRiding your wheelchair every day will definitely subject it to cracks and breaks and the inevitable wear and tear.  This is something that we can both agree on. This, however, should not stop you from keeping your wheelchair in pristine condition. Your wheelchair needs not to be cleaned regularly, but maintenance works need to be done on it once in a while to ensure your safe rides. I will show you everything you need to know about wheelchair maintenance for your safety in this post.

Before I jump into the details you should have it in mind that some wheelchair parts need daily maintenance while others a weekly checkup will do, while for others, it may take up to a month to inspect them. But all these parts no matter how long they may take require maintenance at some point. The following tips will help you get years of dependable service from your wheelchair.

Keep Your Wheelchair Clean

This is a basic maintenance practice, it sounds simple and it is. A clean rag dampened in water and a little detergent is all you need. Carefully wipe all the metal parts of the chair and do the same for the armrests, footrests, back upholstery and the seat, if the seat becomes wet dry it properly before storing it. Dirt usually accumulates on the wheels, footrests and caster wheels and hinders rollability.  These tight areas can be cleaned with a stiff brush. Continue reading

7 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories

Any wheelchair user will confirm that wheelchair accessories are Godsend. They have numerous benefits and make everyday life in a wheelchair comfortable while at the same time enhancing your independence. The choice of the accessories varies with among other things your type of wheelchair, your day to day life; whether you are a student, sports person or other. It is important to also choose accessories based on whether the wheelchair is going to be used indoors or outdoors.

Keep reading to find out must-have accessories for improved mobility and comfort as you go about your daily routine.

Brake Extensions

Picture how unsettling it would feel if you were to ride a wheelchair you had to stretch and strain to reach the breaks handle. Sometimes the standard break handles seem to be short and an extension is needed to ensure you access the break easily. This is vital for your safety and the safety of other road users.

An Additional Off-road Front wheel

Adding off-road front wheels on your manual wheelchair will increase your mobility on sandy roads, grassy patches, and muddy pavements and even on paving slabs. Here is how it works: The added off-road front wheels increase propulsion and the result is excellent mobility. Continue reading

7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a Wheelchair

7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a WheelchairEver noticed how people tend to stare at a struggling to propel wheelchair user in the streets? Many are laden with sympathy and see the user as a helpless being. I used to have the same belief but I was wrong. To be honest with you wheelchair users have their own challenges and go through a lot of psychological, emotional and sometimes even physical pain. But that does not summarize their lives. There is a brighter side to their lives and to prove it here are facts explaining why.

Never have to stand for Lack of a Seat

No matter where you go you will always have somewhere to sit. The availability of a comfortable seat 24/7 is something not all of us can enjoy. If you have ever been in a queue in a crowded room then you will relate to what I am saying here. You will thank your wheelchair for offering you the comfort the majority of people in the room will be dying for. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guidelines to Be Active in a Wheelchair

The Ultimate Guidelines to Be Active in a WheelchairKeeping physically active is essential for your body; it maintains your health and highly reduces the risk of developing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, arthritis and even stroke. And that is not all: it also helps you to maintain your weight and not to get depression. As a wheelchair user, you have several activities and sports to choose from that will ensure you remain fit and healthy. I will give you a detailed guideline on how to do this.

First Things First

The foremost step you should take is consulting your doctor the moment you decide to embark on physical exercise. Your doctor will guide you on the type of exercises and the intensity of the activities that you can engage in. All you need to do here is set small attainable goals and choose activities you like doing. It may look like you are not doing much but it is one step at a time and boom! You are there. Continue reading