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The Features and Benefits of ZX Power Add-on by Spinergy

Propelling a manual wheelchair is not an easy task. We make sure the casinos you choose for your next slot experience meet the highest industry standards. It requires a lot of effort and strength and when transfers and other movements need to be done, you come to realize that you need a helper. An air conditioner does not take air from…. ZX Power Add-on Spinergy is the helper you should not miss. It will help you preserve upper body strength and reduces the effects of pushing your manual wheelchair. Navigating surfaces like carpet, grass and even hills will be an effortless venture.

Easy Attach and Detach

Spanners, bolts, tightening and fixing are not everyone’s delight. If you are in this category then you should not worry again about all these in case you want to convert your manual wheelchair to a power assist one. The ZX power add-on does not require any tool to attach and detach it from your chair. You simply need to back it on the device attach to it and boom you are there. You will only need the joystick to help you operate the device.

24 Volt Gear Driven Electric Motors for easy manoeuvre

If you purchase the ZX power add-on you enjoy the unique feature of a 24-volt gear-driven electric motor that is only commonly found on most large power chairs. It is ideal for different types of terrains including gravel, thick grass, rocky among others. This ability makes it a unique power assist device compared to the others in the market; it is strong, light at only 82lbs and perfectly fits under your manual wheelchair. It is convenient for air travel and at home even with space that is narrow.


The ZX-1 has an adjustable range for seat widths from 14” to 20”! It can also adjust to different wheelchair wheel diameters from 24” to 26”. Do you realize how incredibly precious that is? The adjustability of the Device makes ordering by Clinicians and Dealers easy. You can check out all the casinos that failed to make the grade right here on our blacklist. The adjustability also allows for growth in your Wheelchair seat width! This is a very important selling point to the Insurance Providers because as a Patient grows, the ZX-1 will adjust to your new specs without having to purchase an entirely new Device.

Safety Comes First

Stability defines safety for any wheelchair. If you use this device in your wheelchair you will not miss noticing the feeling of stability and transitions over curb cuts and thresholds will be an easy task for you.


The ZX requires very minimal maintenance.  The stainless steel chassis has a lifetime warranty, while the electrical components have a one year warranty. You are now only left with maintaining the tire pressure. The most popular game to play at live casinos is blackjack which differs quite significantly from the regular rng online blackjack previously seen at online casinos. Usually, the joystick for controlling the device is supplied by PG drives. Your clinicians and power wheelchair technicians will help you make maintenance and programming very easy since they are familiar with this device.


The ZX Power Add-on is a magic device. Its ability to change your manual wheelchair to power assist without the use of any tool is marvelous. Its small size coupled with ease of operation perfectly suits you if you are in a manual wheelchair and want to move to power assist or if in a power assist and wish to move to the manual wheelchair and only use the device when you need to use power. And if you travel frequently, this is the deal. Do not let your power assist chair get damaged en route. Carry your ZX Power Add-on and easily fix it on your manual wheelchair and you are good to go.