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Six Features of Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair – your Beach Partner

Six Features of Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair - your Beach PartnerIt is always summer somewhere and so when it comes around you do not need to stay indoors and miss out just because your wheelchair won’t let you access the beach with the entire fun, fill your heart with joy and all the summer magic at the beach with the Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair that will ride through snow, sand and soft soil with ease.  Let us focus on the details of the features of this fabulous chair next.

Features of Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair

  1. The chair comes with a seat belt for your safety. You do not need to be afraid of tipping over as you plough through the sand at the beach or the snowballs on the road.
  2. Leaving your house for the sunny outdoors is important, you will get the required dose of vitamin D, but that is not to say that you should expose your skin to the sunburn or even get all soaked up in case there is a sudden downpour. The Aqua Creek comes with an umbrella so come rain or sun you are good to go.
  3. Besides, the chair has a storage bag that will make it super easy for you to carry whatever you may need while outdoors. Carry your personal stuff in comfort and convenience.
  4. A comfortable cushion seat graces the seat of this fantastic wheelchair. The comfortable cushion ensures that the fun is not cut short by the discomfort of your seat.
  5. Single motion park brakes are fitted on the wheelchair to ensure your safety. The chances of crashing as a result of brake failure are zero.
  6. The chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs, the seat height is 25″ and 34.5″ wide so it can easily access any doorway.

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Get Ready to Go with the Wheelchair Sports Click Straps

The security of any wheelchair user comes first, that is why the security of every rider needs to be checked. The use of straps is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you are safe in your wheelchair to take every twist, turn and even bump. And if you are a sports person you will agree with me when I say strapping is a must not only for your safety but for your ultimate comfort, Sportaid is the place to get the wheelchair sports click strap that has amazing features which I will share with you in this post.

Features of Wheelchair Sports Click Straps

  1. The straps are easy to use, they come with a ratchet on each pad that is adjustable, hence can be adjusted to your comfort.
  2. Your comfort is guaranteed with the ¼ “high-density EVA foam pad. And the good news is that it comes in twos.
  3. These straps are created for security, and to enhance it 4 strong double zip ties are provided to tie it onto your wheelchair. This enables you to sit firm and comfortably in your chair.

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My Awesome Accessible Beach Trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama By Sarah R Werner

Beaches are favorite vacation spots for many people. The relaxed atmosphere, warm sand and abundant sunshine all draw millions of people to the US Gulf Coast each year. For those with mobility impairments however, the beach can be a daunting and inaccessible place. Crutches, walkers and wheelchair wheels all sink miserably into sand, making just getting out to the shoreline almost impossible. Many coastal communities are trying to make their beaches more accessible with access mats, close parking and ramped boardwalks over sand dunes, and Gulf Shores, Alabama is one town that has made a commitment to accessibility. During my trip there in October I experienced first-hand how much more fun the beach can be when you can actually reach it.

Gulf Shores has made an effort in the recent renovation of their main beach area to become an accessible destination. The first thing I noticed was the ample amount of disabled parking available close to the beach access, and the wide paved sidewalks from the parking area to the sand. Continue reading