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Invacare Tracer SX5 Recliner is the Best Wheelchair for you

A reclining wheelchair is a wheelchair whose back rest reclines. These types of wheelchairs are typically lighter in weight as compared to other wheelchairs. They are best suited for users with orthostatic hypotension and hip extension contractures. They allow the user to re-distribute weight to avoid skin break down.

Full Reclining Range from 90-180 degrees

This feature makes the Tracer SX5 unique wheelchair. The reclining back ensures the comfort of the user, as one can adjust to the angle that is best for them. The reclining movement helps to prevent pressure sores. It is a perfect choice for the elderly who tend to doze off when with family or even when out visiting.

Padded Calf Rest

You will agree with me that sitting in the same position in a wheelchair will no doubt make areas that come into contact with the parts of the chair experience some kind of discomfort. That is the reason why this wheelchair has padded calf rest for maximum comfort while reclining. Continue reading

Best Choice for the Sports Wheelchair – Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair

The Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair is the best choice for contact sports. It is used worldwide by top rugby athletes among other sportsmen.

Rigid Frame

The ‘Hammer’ features huge Aerospace Drawn Tubing, a wide “Hammer” and numerous custom options to design the chair to your specific needs.

Custom anti-tippers

These are a truly winning innovative design feature, and the beauty of it all is that you can either choose a single design or settle for a double design. They both offer an advantage which cannot be ignored. Now you can concentrate on the game 100 percent rather than the effects of gravity.

Dynamic Design

This chair has up to 20 degree of camber, you can turn on a dime and glide by the competition. The dynamic design of the huge super tubing and camber plate enables you to make adjustments that not only improve your performance but your game too. Continue reading

Your search for the Two in One ideal wheelchair stops with the Tracer IV

Invacare Tracer IV Heavy Duty Chair

Is this the Right Wheelchair for you?

The Invacare Tracer IV Heavy Duty Chair with a reinforced heavy duty carbon steel frame, urethane rear tires and low maintenance precision bearings is built and designed for strength and durability, if you are an active person then your search for the ideal wheelchair stops with the Tracer IV.

Reinforced Frame

The combination of dual crossbraces, caster journals and gusseted sides incorporate to deliver a reinforced frame that withstands any amount of strain giving it the strength of a heavy duty wheelchair.

Heavy Duty inner linings for seat and back

The tough linings ensure the covers do not stretch and easily tear. It guarantees durability for you while ensuring safety. Continue reading

Funding Resources By State – Alabama

Funding Resources By State - AlabamaRolling Across Alabama
Nonprofit organization providing resources to help those with disabilities become more independent. From hunting and fishing to medical resources in their community, they help the Alabama disability community be as independent as possible.
Statewide Technology Access and Response (STAR)
Mission is to increase the provision of, access to, and funding for assistive technology for Alabamians of all ages and all disabilities through a variety of comprehensive activities and services available statewide. A service of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.
The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
The mission of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is to drive positive change in our community through leadership and philanthropy.
2100 First Avenue North, Suite 700
Birmingham AL 35203-4223
Phone: 205-327-3800
Fax: 205-328-6576

Style and Performance All in One – Quickie Q7 NextGen Wheelchair

The Quickie Q7 NextGen Wheelchair stands out as the ultimate wheelchair in the light weight category. It combines style and high performance making it an ideal choice.

Balanced Perfection

The Q7 is created to ensure adequate stability. The frame lengths and caster wheel placements are customized so that your weight is evenly distributed on the rear wheels for maximum stability.

High Standard Material and Technology

This wheelchair is made of 7000 series aerospace Aluminum, this guarantees the light weight, while the Shape-Loc technology combined with ovalized tubing  decreases the size of the tube walls further reducing the weight of the wheelchair. The by product of the two is a tough chair that is perfect for a rigid ride.

Continue reading

How unique is the Colours Razor blade Wheelchair?

Colours Razor blade WheelchairStyle and efficiency are inseparable when choosing an item that is going to be part of your life. The Colours Razor Blade wheelchair was designed with that point in mind. It has a unique appealing design for that buyer who is choosy.

Adjustable Backrest Angle and Footrest

Any adjustable part of a wheelchair is to your advantage. By adjusting the backrest you will be able to find the level of comfort that best suits you.

Adjustable center of gravity

The Colors Razor provides a center of gravity adjustability that enables the wheelchair to balance on the ground. This ensures that the chance of tipping over is zero.

Solid main frame tube

Stability of this wheelchair is offered by the support from the main frame tube, the frame is compact and light, can be easily loaded in and out of a car trunk, making it good choice for someone who plans to travel.

Fixed Front and Rear Seat Heights

The fixed seat heights make you easily get in and out of the seat with ease. It also gives you the confidence to move around your environment with reliable stability, this not only perfects your mobility but creates a sense of independence for you. Continue reading

TiLite TR Titanium – light, stylish and tastefully designed high grade quality wheelchair

This is no doubt the wheelchair that you are looking for! You will enjoy this light, stylish and tastefully designed high grade quality wheelchair at a price that won’t leave your wallet empty.


The wheelchair is ideal for users who may travel. It has a TR frame that is compact and thus very easy to transport compared to other models. A traveller who uses a wheelchair for mobility will find the TRLite Tr Titanium a travel mate.


It possess a flexible chair that can shrink by up to an inch, this ensures that the user moves carefully and skilfully in narrow corridors and areas with limited space. With this wheel chair, you will be able to easily access places that you have always had fears to visit with a normal wheelchair. Count all the places that you only visited in your dreams accessible with the TR Titanium.


The stylishness of this wheelchair comes out elegantly in the curved design of the lower frame tube; this creates a one of its kind look as the lower frame gradually mixes in and is engulfed in. Continue reading