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7 Amazing Tips for Selecting Crutches

7 Amazing Tips for Selecting CrutchesCrutches will make walking a lot easier in cases where you have a condition but do not need to be confined to a wheelchair. Your physical therapist or orthopedist should help fit you and guide you on the best crutches to purchase. And that advice coupled with the tips I will share with you in this post will ensure you choose the right crutches convenient for your comfort in your movement.

Adjustability of the Crutches

The freedom to choose options best suited for your comfort is a plus; since everyone has their preferences and levels of comfort differ among people. Your choice of crutches should include this consideration, whether they can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the different heights of people. Most aluminum crutches have a button that is pushed to adjust their height. Wooden crutches, however, do not have the option of lengthening or shortening them, hence, if you choose to purchase wooden ones ensure you get them in the right size.

Lightweight vs Heavyweight

Aluminum crutches are lighter compared to wooden ones. And as you might expect, wooden crutches cost less than the aluminum ones. Also, aluminum crutches are easy to use despite their higher cost. This information is vital in helping you make a decision on which crutches is best suited for you and your pocket.

The Ideal Crutch Handle

Crutch handles come in to contact with your hands every time you pick your crutches to move. A good grip is essential for your comfort. Consider choosing a model with contoured handles rather than rounded ones for a firmer grip. This is much recommended if you suffer from arthritis. Also, ensure the handle is firmly attached without sliding around.

Adequate Cushioning

If you stoop while walking with your crutches then you need to change something. When testing which crutches to purchase take a standing position and while at it ensure the pad at the top does not exceed one to two inches below your armpit. The pads should provide cushioning to your underarms and ensure that you are comfortable.


It is important to consider the height factor when picking crutches. It will enhance mobility and your comfort. When you stand upright your elbows should be bent at a 20-degree angle when holding the hand grips. Your hips should be aligned at the same level with the hand grips and when you take a step forward you should be able to fully extend your elbows.


Most crutches have rubber grips at the bottom to prevent slipping and falling. Test the crutches to confirm that they grip the floor properly and after buying the crutches always remember to check the grips for wear and tear and make replacements whenever necessary.


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