Wheelchair Racing

Re-treading Racing Wheelchair Pushrims by Sarah Werner

Re-treading Racing Wheelchair PushrimsThe pushrim is an integral part of the racing wheelchair. You can’t get anywhere without a solid pushrim and a good pair of gloves! Though the pushrim surface is sturdy rubber, it eventually wears out just as tires do. They usually need to be replaced every one or two seasons, depending on the amount of mileage you put on them and the wear and tear they receive. One way to tell that the rubber on your pushrims is wearing out is that the rubber will start to come off in small chunks. This can prevent good contact between your gloves and rims and cause slippage. Sometimes the rubber can become so worn that you will start to see the threaded surface beneath. The more worn out the surface, the harder it will be to get an efficient push stroke, increasing your effort and decreasing your speed.

There are two main types of pushrim surface: rubber and laced. The rubber is either specialized tubing or tire tread, both of which are glued to aluminum rims. Laced pushrims have rubber laces wrapped around them for additional gripping power. Purchasing replacement tubing can be expensive, and using tire tread is an easy way to recycle your used tires. I prefer to use old front tires because they have less wear than rear tires and so will last longer on your pushrims. Continue reading

Getting Started in Wheelchair Racing by Sarah Werner

Getting Started in Wheelchair Racing by Sarah WernerHave you ever watched the athletes zooming around corners at top speed at the Paralympics or marathons and wondered if you too could be a wheelchair racing athlete? It’s easier than you think, and there are lots of organizations and local clubs available to help adaptive athletes of any age get started in the sport of wheelchair racing. This past winter I was looking for an activity that would give me a good cardio workout and that I could participate in with able-bodied friends. I settled on wheelchair racing because it would allow me to “run” with my friends and because there was a local Paralympic club in my city that gave me the resources and training to get started. Now that spring is here, I am out on bicycle paths with all the other runners, getting a great workout and enjoying being outside. Continue reading

How unique is the Colours Razor blade Wheelchair?

Colours Razor blade WheelchairStyle and efficiency are inseparable when choosing an item that is going to be part of your life. The Colours Razor Blade wheelchair was designed with that point in mind. It has a unique appealing design for that buyer who is choosy.

Adjustable Backrest Angle and Footrest

Any adjustable part of a wheelchair is to your advantage. By adjusting the backrest you will be able to find the level of comfort that best suits you.

Adjustable center of gravity

The Colors Razor provides a center of gravity adjustability that enables the wheelchair to balance on the ground. This ensures that the chance of tipping over is zero.

Solid main frame tube

Stability of this wheelchair is offered by the support from the main frame tube, the frame is compact and light, can be easily loaded in and out of a car trunk, making it good choice for someone who plans to travel.

Fixed Front and Rear Seat Heights

The fixed seat heights make you easily get in and out of the seat with ease. It also gives you the confidence to move around your environment with reliable stability, this not only perfects your mobility but creates a sense of independence for you. Continue reading

CarbonBike-USA R1 Racing Wheelchair

CarbonBike-USA R1 Racing WheelchairPrice is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying the R1 by Carbonbike-USA, live customer service is priceless!

Sportaid is proud to present the R-1 racing chair. The R-1 racing chair is built by Carbonbike USA. Chris Peterson with 30 years of experience in racing chair development has guided the process from design to finished product.

With precision in mind each R-1 is hand crafted with professional tooling and expertise. The end result is excellent rolling characteristics and memorable handling precisely built to your measurements.


  • “U” cage or open “V” frame styles. (“U” cage pictured)
  • 66-76” wheel base
  • 700c rear wheels / 20” front wheel
  • Teflon lined rod ends for no play steering.
  • 1 1/8” cycling headset for more precise steering
  • 20” Tufo S3 tubular front tire
  • CNC machined steering parts
  • 11-13 degree of camber

*Pictured with optional ZIPP Disc Rear Wheels.


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