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6 Brilliant Features of the Trionic Veloped Tour Walker

Trionic Veloped Tour WalkerYour daily comfort does not to be compromised because you use a walker. It is perfectly designed for taking a stroll in the park, for going shopping and even for sightseeing. You do not have to worry about where to carry all your groceries when you go to the supermarket, the walker has a large basket to hold all your groceries.

Air Pressure Tires

The rock hard solid tires will comfort you when you are walking on cobblestones and gravel and uneven ground when outdoors. Long time use of the walker will usually leave you with pain in your hands, shoulders and even elbows. To offer you a softer ride and ensure your comfort, the air pressured tires unlike solid tires reduce vibration and give you maximum comfort.

Enjoy an Upright Posture

Many rollator users walk with a crouched back. You will agree with me that this can be very tiring and can cause harm in the long run. The reason why this happens is that the seat of the conventional walkers has been positioned too close to the legs and hence there is less space between the legs and the walker for walking. As a result, the user has to walk too far behind the rollator and the crouched position comes automatically. Continue reading

5 Tips for a Day Out as a Wheelchair User

5 Tips for A Day Out As a Wheelchair UserYou will agree with me when I say that it is harder to do some things when you have a wheelchair and rely on your wheelchair for mobility. That does not, however, mean that you should not get out and do what you enjoy just because you are a wheelchair user. A little planning ahead will help solve most problems that can be faced when using a wheelchair outdoors. The following tips will help you enjoy venturing out while in your wheelchair.

Consider the Weather

Unlike most people, you will be seated in your chair when everyone else is standing, your legs are going to be rained on the reason why you need to consider the weather and plan in advance. It is definitely not fun to sit in a wet trouser after a downpour. Also propelling yourself in mud or wet roads is tiresome and will get your sleeves wet and even muddy. Checking the weather forecast may not be the most practical thing to do each time you have to go outdoors in your wheelchair, but it may save you the misery of getting soaked. Continue reading

The Benefits of the ProBasics Steel Transport Wheelchair

The Benefits of the ProBasics Steel Transport WheelchairThe ProBasics steel Transport Wheelchair is the perfect wheelchair for your transport needs in every public place. If you want to go to the mall for a shopping spree or to the airport or even want to attend a church service. Each wheelchair is crafted with high quality, durable steel with a special silver-vein powder coated finish. The wheelchair also has footrests to match the frame. In this post, I am going to walk you through the features of this wheelchair.

Steel Lightweight Frame

The chair is light but strong. It can carry patient weights of up to 300 pounds. The frame is only about 25lbs. This makes it easy to transport it and a perfect choice for you if you are on the move and need to transfer or change chairs at some point.

Safety First

The ProBasics Wheelchair comes with a fitted seat belt for your safety. The belt ensures your safety as you ride in it outdoor. With this wheelchair, your safety should not worry you. Continue reading

The Daily Challenges of using a Wheelchair

Daily Challenges of using a WheelchairNon-wheelchair users do not know the difficulties that wheelchair users have to face each day as they go about their daily activities. In this article, I am going to highlight some of these pains and difficulties in an effort to make you aware and hopefully find a long-term solution that will enable the wheelchair users to live more comfortably.

The almost Blind Spot

Owing to the fact that wheelchair users are below the normal or the expected level of vision most wheelchair users are not easily spotted by pedestrians or even drivers. This causes the drivers and pedestrians not to react fast and may result into an accident. This is dangerous for the wheelchair user.

Sitting and more Sitting

Spending all day sitting for a day, a week a month and even a year is not fun. The long sitting spells can lead to muscle cramps and sometimes even pressure sores. You will agree with me that the pain that comes with these is unbearable. Continue reading

Why you will want to read this article before buying the Quickie Shark Hand Cycle

The Quickie shark hand cycle is built for champions. Some of the features that make it an ideal choice include a vertical crank adjustment, X link frame separation mechanism and an ergonomic seat design you will be transported to a new level of speed and performance. So read on and find out why the quickie shark handcycle is a gem.

Multiple Frame Colors

Do you want to stand out from the crowd in a colorful stylish handcycle? This is what you are definitely looking for; you have 26 different color frames to choose from. The varieties of colors ensure that there is a color to suit everyone’s preference.

Ergonomic Seat and Back

The backrest can be set to any angle between 30° and 90°. The adjustable seat heights give you optimal seat positioning. In addition, your weight is well-taken care and dispersed evenly by the multi-adjustable ergonomic seat and backrest. Continue reading

7 Benefits of Exercising in a Wheelchair

Exercise is important for you even if you are an everyday wheelchair user. It not only helps you to stay in shape but also ensures that your muscles continue being active and do not deteriorate. Wheelchair exercising is beneficial, however; you should get advice from your therapist regarding the same since the exercises recommended may vary according to the individual’s abilities and the level and nature of injury or illness. The benefits include the following.

Emotional Benefit

Through exercising by participating in sport your self-esteem will be raised. Having to know what you are capable of doing despite your disability increases your self-esteem. Besides, your stress levels will be reduced when you exercise. Also exercising helps promote a positive attitude which many people struggle to have; as a result, your mood will be raised. The feel-good high will help ease anxiety and depression. This is true for both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users. Continue reading

Fantastic Features of The Invacare 3-Position Recliner Deluxe

Invacare 3-Position Recliner - Deluxe AdultThe new adult Invacare 3 position recliner deluxe is built with special features for durability and will offer you exceptional comfort. The recliner can be adjusted to three sitting positions: sitting, elevated leg or full recline hence it offers maximum flexibility for you. Keep reading and you will find out the many features of the Invacare 3 position recliner deluxe that you or your loved ones will enjoy each day should you settle for it.

Special Padding Technology

The choice of the padding ensures your comfort while at the same time offers support for the seating surface. The specially formed back and seat play a vital role in your comfort the type of padding chosen for the two must be carefully done. The Invacare 3 position recliner deluxe is built with these in mind and therefore has special padding.

Lumbar Support

The back of the chair is made to give lumbar support for optimum comfort. Support for your back is essential for good posture. You do not need to worry about discomfort and pain resulting from lack of adequate support for your back during the long hours you have to spend sitting in the wheelchair. Continue reading

Here are some tips to help you know what is appropriate when using a wheelchair

tips to help you know what is appropriate when using a wheelchairPeople have to use wheelchairs for different reasons. Being in a wheelchair may not be any one’s choice, it is however not a tragedy it is instead a means of freedom that allows to move independently. Here are some tips to help you know what is appropriate when relating to someone who uses a wheelchair.

Focus on the Person First

When you meet a person in a wheelchair your focus should be on the person first and not on the disability. An individual is a person just like any other regardless of his disability. You should, therefore, look at him and put your focus on him first. Everything else can come later.

Do not assume they Need Your Help

A wheelchair user may need a helping hand here and there. It is good to give a helping hand to a brother. But do not forget to ask. Do not, however, assume that he needs your help even if to your eyes they appear to be struggling. In addition, if your offer to help is accepted ask for instructions and follow them. Also if your offer is declined accept not for an answer and don’t press on. Most wheelchair users have their own ways of carrying out daily tasks. Continue reading