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10 Steps to Safely Operate a Wheelchair Outdoors

10 Steps to Safely Operate a Wheelchair OutdoorsIt is evident that a person who has to use a wheelchair has already been through a tough time. It might be as a result of a physiological or physical illness, injury, disability or old age. Safety for a wheelchair user is hence mandatory since the person in question is by all standards vulnerable. Care must be taken not to have him/her incur any further injury.

  1. Avoid potholes

Hitting a pot hole will destabilize the wheelchair and it will certainly tip over. If you must use a road with pot holes go around any that you come across.

  1. Keep off uneven surfaces

Look out for curbs, staircases, slopes and any other kinds of inclines. The wheelchair will not balance on such areas and might hurt the user.

  1. Don’t go to the beach or use sandy sidewalks/roads

When sand builds up on the tires it will cause the wheelchair to be off balance. If you must go to sand areas then ensure there’s someone to help you clean the sand off the tires. Continue reading

Facts why Wheelchair Demand will Always be High

Wheelchairs are here to stay. Every day there is a patient who receives the news that he has to rely on a wheelchair for mobility either temporarily or permanently. The transition may not be easy, but with time a wheelchair user has to accept, adjust and embrace the world of wheelchairs.

Aging Population and Susceptibility to disabilities

It goes without saying that every day you and i grow older and older, the older you grow the more vulnerable you become to various diseases that affect mobility. This provides opportunities for the need for a wheelchair.

Surge in spinal cord injuries

The increase in spinal cord injuries has led to a growth in disability cases. As a result there has been an escalation in the demand for wheelchairs to cater for the injured people.

Rise in global obesity levels

Research shows that the levels of obesity have escalated in the past years. In severe cases, mobility of the victims has been affected and hence the solution has not been anything else but a wheelchair. Continue reading

CarbonBike-USA R1 Racing Wheelchair

CarbonBike-USA R1 Racing WheelchairPrice is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying the R1 by Carbonbike-USA, live customer service is priceless!

Sportaid is proud to present the R-1 racing chair. The R-1 racing chair is built by Carbonbike USA. Chris Peterson with 30 years of experience in racing chair development has guided the process from design to finished product.

With precision in mind each R-1 is hand crafted with professional tooling and expertise. The end result is excellent rolling characteristics and memorable handling precisely built to your measurements.


  • “U” cage or open “V” frame styles. (“U” cage pictured)
  • 66-76” wheel base
  • 700c rear wheels / 20” front wheel
  • Teflon lined rod ends for no play steering.
  • 1 1/8” cycling headset for more precise steering
  • 20” Tufo S3 tubular front tire
  • CNC machined steering parts
  • 11-13 degree of camber

*Pictured with optional ZIPP Disc Rear Wheels.


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