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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Cane-Lite by TipSEE – See where You are Going

Product Review of Cane-Lite by TipSEEFor many cane users’ life comes to a stop whenever the dark sets in. The fear of stumbling on uneven pavements and groping in dark alleys is real for them; if you are one of them; I will introduce you to the light that will enable you to continue with your usual business even when the night falls. If you are a party animal like me, the party will never stop again because you can hardly find your way home in the dark.

The cane-light by TipSEE is flexible. You can attach it to your cane, wheelchair or walker and shine the light wherever you are. And that is not all, this amazing cane-light works on brims of hats, on books and can be easily attached to your working tools so that you continue working in the light.

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Z4 Portable Hand Control- Power without Control is Nothing

Review of Z4 Portable Hand ControlDriving a car should not become impossible just because your feet are not in a position to keep the motor car running.  When you rent a car or take a car for a test drive or maybe borrow a relative or friend’s truck when moving to a new town you need this wonderful gadget to help you manipulate the foot pedals and give you a smooth easy ride. The Z4 portable hand control is what any wheelchair user ought to have; it will make you look forward to that time when you have to be behind the wheel again.

Sportaid offers you the Z4 portable hand control. It has amazing features; I will share them in this post and further let you know the benefits of owning this gem.

Features of the Z4 Portable Hand Control

  1. It is simple to use and installation is super easy.
  2. Portable enough, it comes with a bag to carry it.
  3. It is built to last, made of stainless steel.

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