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7 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories

Any wheelchair user will confirm that wheelchair accessories are Godsend. They have numerous benefits and make everyday life in a wheelchair comfortable while at the same time enhancing your independence. The choice of the accessories varies with among other things your type of wheelchair, your day to day life; whether you are a student, sports person or other. It is important to also choose accessories based on whether the wheelchair is going to be used indoors or outdoors.

Keep reading to find out must-have accessories for improved mobility and comfort as you go about your daily routine.

Brake Extensions

Picture how unsettling it would feel if you were to ride a wheelchair you had to stretch and strain to reach the breaks handle. Sometimes the standard break handles seem to be short and an extension is needed to ensure you access the break easily. This is vital for your safety and the safety of other road users.

An Additional Off-road Front wheel

Adding off-road front wheels on your manual wheelchair will increase your mobility on sandy roads, grassy patches, and muddy pavements and even on paving slabs. Here is how it works: The added off-road front wheels increase propulsion and the result is excellent mobility.

The Cushions

These come in handy; making the right choice basing on your need and your required sitting positions is paramount. A pressure relief cushion stands out among the variety of cushion types available in the market. The Jay wheelchair cushions available at are a perfect choice. They not only offer a stable posture but also give you equal pressure distribution for your comfort. They are made to suit the clinical needs of every user.

The Backrests

The effectiveness of a backrest is determined by how it helps to maintain an upright, ergonomic and stable posture. Your back suffers a lot when your posture is not checked. At we highly recommend our line of Jay Wheelchair backs. Your posture will be absolutely well taken care of by professionals.


There are different types of gloves but a common feature in all of them is the strengthening and reinforcement made at strategic points to enhance special use by wheelchair users. Some are made to suit the normal everyday needs of keeping warm while others are made for sporting all for your convenience.

LED Lights

If you find yourself riding your wheelchair in dark places and in the night this is what you need. The LEDs increase your visibility in the dark. They usually come in pairs a white one for the front and a red one for the back. Other road users will see you approaching from a distance and those following you will also spot you from a distance.

Bag Holders and Umbrella Holders

The need to carry a bag stuffed with your personal things gives you your freedom. If you are a student you will need your books and if a sportsman your gym bag is definitely always with you. Your wheelchair will have space whether at the footrest, in front or at the back to hold your bag or umbrella in case you are planning for change of weather.


Most wheelchair accessories are lightweight and can be easily installed on the wheelchair. And that is not all; they are also suitable for both manual and powered wheelchairs as well as scooters. At you will find these and many other accessories that will make using your wheelchair not only comfortable but will enhance your independence.