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Wheelchair Safety for New Users

Wheelchair Safety for New UsersYour doctor treated you and after so many deliberations you had to use a wheelchair for mobility. That was not good news, but it is the situation that you are now in. It could be your first day in a wheelchair you are all scared and  are relying on the overwhelming guides of how to operate your wheelchair and at times even guesswork. What you should focus on is your safety, and with a little practice, you will be enjoying the rides maneuvering the kerbs like a pro. The following safety tips will keep you in your chair.

Be Visible

Use reflections, lights, flags and other flashy items to stay visible on the road in the dark. Pedestrians, motorists and other road users will spot you from a distance.

Discard the Luggage

It goes without saying that as a new wheelchair user you will want to have your bags and stuff with you like before. The first place you will want to carry your bag is at the back of your wheelchair. This is not advisable. The weight of your bag may be too much for your chair and you may get your first fall the chair may tip off during transfer. Continue reading

Amazing Must Know Tips When Traveling with Your Wheelchair

Amazing Must Know Tips When Traveling with Your WheelchairBeing user of a wheelchair for mobility should not take away your love of traveling. You will be required to plan ahead, that may seem a workload but then the fun and adventures awaiting you are worth the effort. So get ready with your wheelchair stress-free.

Avoid last-minute rush

Be an early bird; book your flights ahead of time to avoid last-minute rushes. Also on the actual day of traveling arrive at the airport early. You do not want to race around the airport knocking people and objects in your wheelchair. Most airports require traveler to be at the airport an hour of departure, keep this in mind. Keep time, it will help you start your journey on a calm note.

Have your Wheelchair Checked Up

Schedule a check-up with your wheelchair technician before you travel. Ensure your wheelchair is in perfect shape for the trip. If you use a battery run wheelchair check the condition of the batteries and replace them if necessary. Continue reading

TiLite Twist Grow-able Youth Wheelchair

TiLite Twist Growable Youth WheelchairIf you’re a young adult who has to depend on a wheelchair for mobility then the TiLite Twist Grow-able Youth wheelchair is the wheelchair you are looking for. It has been designed for the active youth and has excellent features that make it a durable, sturdy and easy to fit chair that any youth will not regret buying.

The chair offers the following amazing features you should not miss out on.

Speed Loader Adjustable Front Caster Housing

This is an essential component of the wheelchair. It allows for quick and precise increment of fork angles of up to 1″. It ensures accuracy and will give you the option to make slight adjustments according to your preferences so that your comfort is not compromised.

Easy Folding and Unfolding of Backrest

The wheelchair has a Ti-shaft back release bar that enhances flexibility and allows for the folding and unfolding of the back rest from any angle. This makes transporting the chair easy.

Flip-back Foot Rest

The foot-rest is made to provide comfort for your feet when riding the wheelchair. The flip back option is ideal for you during transfers. The risk of accidents when transferring to another chair is highly minimized. Continue reading

A Review on the Invacare Tracer IV Cushion Wheelchair Product

Invacare Tracer IV Heavy Duty WheelchairThe Invacare Tracer IV Wheelchair is a heavy duty wheelchair. The reinforced frame is built for strength and durability. If you count yourself active then this is your ideal wheelchair.

The Tracer offers high level roll ability and a streamlined look that gives it a stylish look. Its arms are adjustable, they are detachable.

The Invacare Tracer IV Custom Features

  • Reinforced heavy duty frame for sturdiness and durability
  • Upholstery include heavy duty liners keeps user from stretching
  • Dual Sealed bearings for maximum roll ability
  • Urethane rear tires mounted on no flex wheels gives optimum performance
  • Dual axle positioning enables you to adjust seat-to-floor heights

The Pros and Cons of the Invacare Tracer IV Custom Continue reading

An Ultimate Guide to Walking Stick Handles

Walking Stick HandlesWalking sticks are what carry your weight and help you move around, but their handles are what comes into contact with the palms of your hands and are where all the friction if any and all the sweaty, slippery reality of using the walking stick is found. Walking sticks are basically made of wood or aluminum. the following guidelines will help you make an appropriate choice of a walking stick handle that is best suited for you.

The Swan-Shaped Handle

As the name suggests, this type of walking stick handle is curved in the shape of a swan. The shape ensures that all the weight is kept on the shaft of the walking stick. It increases stability and helps ensure the user maintains a good posture since the stick will be kept straight rather than at an angle.

Straight T Shaped Handle

This is the most known walking stick handle shape. With this in your hand, you have the control. You can easily get a steady grip by wrapping your thumb around the front side of the handle and resting your weight on the top of the walking stick for comfort. It is an ideal choice for you if you are not looking for heavy weight support but rather lightweight support.

Derby Handles

This a more curved version of the T shaped walking stick handle. It gives the same option of gripping and support, the only difference is that it can be hung over the arm when not in use. This allows you to free your hands and dig both hands in other tasks until when you need to move again. A hook in your office or at home will be put to good use whenever you do not need this walking.

Ergonomic and an Atomic Grip Handles

If every step with your walking stick is a painful or deal then you need this kind of walking stick handle. Its shape follows the natural contour of the palm of your hand. It spreads your weight evenly across your hand’s pressure points. Painful wrists, painful stiff arthritic hands should not bother you anymore.


Having to rely on disability aids and products should not be at the expense of your comfort. When making walking stick handle choices consider how often you use them and how comfortable you will be walking or working with them.

Clean your Wheelchair Cushion to Prolong its Lifespan

Clean Wheelchair CushionCleaning and examining your wheelchair cushion is a straightforward process which when performed every week, helps to keep your seat cushion fresh and clean and help to improve its useful lifespan.

Prior to taking out your cushion, make sure you know its precise position and location in the chair to ensure that it could be put back in its correct position. Should you have any concerns for correct cushion placement, consult your therapist.

Wheelchair Cushion Features

The majority of cushions include a cover with either a zipper or a Velcro closure. After the cover is taken off, you should be able to clean it in a washer. Be sure to use a warm/cold and delicate cycle with gentle soap and no bleach. The covers can be air tumble dried to prevent any harm from the heat. Many industrial dryers become too hot for cushion cover material and can result in damage.

Fluid-filled and gel cushionsWash with soap and water. Rinse off. Towel dry.

Stretchy Matrix or Honeycomb Cushions: These are made to be easily cleaned. They come with a washing bag in which they are machine laundered followed by a tumble dry.

Open Cell Foam Cushions: Any kind of liquid can damage these. A number of covers safeguard the foam from dampers, however, if your foam cushion becomes wet, try out the following Continue reading

Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT Product Review

Quickie GT Wheelchair ReviewThe Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid is a strong durable chair with a rigid aluminum frame. It is designed for performance and durability. If you love comfort well who doesn’t? Then this is the perfect wheelchair for you. It is easy to adjust and modify for precision. It is also easy to transport, its open L. frame guarantees this and therefore ideal for you if you are always on the move.

The foot rests have a nice design that keeps your feet comfortable and stable in it. The excellent ergo brakes ensure your safety as you ride and roll. It is easy to use and would work great for any wheelchair user more so for a new user. You wouldn’t regret having the GT as your first wheelchair.

The 26″ spinergy combined with complete suspension offers a compact yet effective wheelchair. Besides, the chair has adjustable features, allowing you to customize it according to your size and comfort.

Features of the Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT

  • Consists of both front and rear suspension options
  • Seat heights of 12″-20″
  • Adjustable axle placements
  • Rigid aluminum frame for sturdiness and durability
  • Folding back rest, it enhances adjustability and comfort
  • Weighs 20.5 lbs, among one of the lightest wheelchairs
  • Rear wheel options 22″, 24″, and 26″

Pros and Cons of Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT Wheelchair Continue reading

Invacare Tracer EX2 Deluxe Product – A Critical Review!

Invacare IVC Tracer EX2 Wheelchair - Critical ReviewThe Invacare Tracer EX2 Deluxe is built with a durable frame that makes it a high quality standard chair. It presents unique features not found on any other wheelchair in the market including a hemi seat-to-floor height an ideal feature for those users who prefer propelling with their feet. It also offers a full range of accessories that will enhance your comfort. It basically sets the standard of manual wheelchairs.

The hand rims have 8″ solid rubber casters and the arm pads are padded for optimum comfort. It also has wheel locks which ensure you do not tip over during transfers. the upholstery is easy to clean black vinyl; these combined with the option to adjust the arm rest lengths to either desk length or full length to suit both home and office use make it a standard wheelchair.

The Invacare Tracer has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. You can comfortably ride this chair confident that your weight is perfectly supported. It can be easily folded making it easy to transport.

The Invacare Tracer EX2 Deluxe features include the following;

  • 14-guage cross braces for more strength and durability
  • Dual-embossed upholstery which does not easily stretch and tear
  • 13″ width foldable for travel and easy storage
  • Seat can be adjusted to 17.5″ and has a hemi option
  • Dual axles and adjustable, removable arm rests and leg rests
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs

The Pros and cons of the Invacare Tracer EX2 Deluxe Continue reading

Fast Ways to Update the Look of Your Wheelchair

Fast Ways to Update the Look of Your WheelchairHave you shopped around for a wheelchair found the perfect wheelchair with amazing features but with only one fault – it has a dull color or does not look pretty enough? You can easily change the look of your chair by decorating it and making it an eye catcher by adding the following simple decorations.

The Color of the Cushions

Choosing colorful fun fabrics for your cushion covers will add color to your wheelchair and brightens your day. A range of fabrics is available in vast colors to chose from. You will be happy riding a wheelchair that is ‘wearing’ your favorite colors all day. It is easy to transform your chair from a gloomy dark look to a bright shining chair.

Stickers and Patches

Get your favorite rock band, sports team or even word stickers on your wheelchair. It will make you enjoy your ride as you look cool. The stickers are readily available in most art and craft stores and stationery stores. Continue reading

A Guide To Weight Loss For Wheelchair Users

A Guide To Weight Loss For Wheelchair UsersWheelchair users often find that it’s difficult to lose weight due to fewer calories expended through physical activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36% of adults with disabilities are overweight, while 22% of children with disabilities are overweight. Physical limitations, pain, and lack of energy are some of the challenges that wheelchair users face which result in weight gain. This is a problem especially for men who would like to build muscle and develop upper body strength for improved strength and mobility. The good news is that there are a few simple things that you can do to help you lose weight even if you’re in a wheelchair full time. Here’s a guide to weight loss for wheelchair users.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Weight loss products can control your weight, but in addition to supplements, you should also increase your fruit and vegetable intake to get rid of fat and be at a healthy weight. As men tend to gain weight around the belly, doing certain changes to improve your diet can help to avoid having a big belly which can be a source of discomfort when you’re in a wheelchair. Some of the most weight-loss friendly foods that you need to consume include leafy greens such as kale and spinach, cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, potatoes, beans, and legumes. Fruits such as avocados and grapefruits can also contribute to weight loss and may even help to prevent chronic diseases. Continue reading