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7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a Wheelchair

7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a WheelchairEver noticed how people tend to stare at a struggling to propel wheelchair user in the streets? Many are laden with sympathy and see the user as a helpless being. I used to have the same belief but I was wrong. To be honest with you wheelchair users have their own challenges and go through a lot of psychological, emotional and sometimes even physical pain. But that does not summarize their lives. There is a brighter side to their lives and to prove it here are facts explaining why.

Never have to stand for Lack of a Seat

No matter where you go you will always have somewhere to sit. The availability of a comfortable seat 24/7 is something not all of us can enjoy. If you have ever been in a queue in a crowded room then you will relate to what I am saying here. You will thank your wheelchair for offering you the comfort the majority of people in the room will be dying for.

Avoiding Shoes even in Public

This goes more for the ladies who are wheelchair users; I will let you in on a secret. With the perfect choice of dressing you can actually ride your wheelchair barefooted in public and here is the best news: no one will easily notice. And even if your friends find out they will envy how liberating it is and how unlike them you never have to deal with achy tired feet at the end of the day.

Keep your Shoes Looking Brand New?

Aside from being able to ride in your wheelchair barefooted, you also get to keep your shoes clean whenever you have to wear them. The shoes will also never get worn out since your feet do not get into contact with the ground at any point. And what is the result? You get shoes that last for as long as you can imagine, in perfect condition.

Available Parking Space

It is obvious that parking slots designated for the disabled can be used by other people, the deal here is that the fact that there is the availability of space for the handicapped makes the wheelchair users first priority for these slots.

Driving a Car not one of Your Worries

Most wheelchair users cannot drive a car. The benefits are numerous, from not having to fall into the rush hour commute madness to have to deal with ruthless drivers with wanting driving skills, some are so arrogant that asking them for the way is met with a look that could be given to someone who asked for your kidney.

Excited Young Ones

Children are naturally curious and will definitely be very excited about your cool looking chair. They will no doubt find interest in your wheelchair you will end up making friends and with a ride or two in your wheelchair, you will smile back satisfied at having put a smile on a kid’s face.

Friends Forever

I saved the best for last. Since you got confined to a wheelchair you might have hired someone for that much needed extra help. It could be a certified nurse, a trained therapist or an assistant. You will agree with me that these amazing people not only give physical help but they go beyond that and with time you realize that strong bonds that form lifelong relationships are the outcome of this. All this is a blessing no one can fail to see.


In conclusion, being in a wheelchair may not have been anything you ever dreamt of.  It may have its ups and downs. But the truth of it all is that it gets better with time. The more you use it the more you will find out that being in a wheelchair is actually not so bad.