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The Features and Benefits of ZX Power Add-on by Spinergy

Propelling a manual wheelchair is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and strength and when transfers and other movements need to be done, you come to realize that you need a helper. ZX Power Add-on Spinergy is the helper you should not miss. It will help you preserve upper body strength and reduces the effects of pushing your manual wheelchair. Navigating surfaces like carpet, grass and even hills will be an effortless venture.

Easy Attach and Detach

Spanners, bolts, tightening and fixing are not everyone’s delight. If you are in this category then you should not worry again about all these in case you want to convert your manual wheelchair to a power assist one. The ZX power add-on does not require any tool to attach and detach it from your chair. You simply need to back it on the device attach to it and boom you are there. You will only need the joystick to help you operate the device.

24 Volt Gear Driven Electric Motors for easy manoeuvre

If you purchase the ZX power add-on you enjoy the unique feature of a 24-volt gear-driven electric motor that is only commonly found on most large power chairs. It is ideal for different types of terrains including gravel, thick grass, rocky among others. This ability makes it a unique power assist device compared to the others in the market; it is strong, light at only 82lbs and perfectly fits under your manual wheelchair. It is convenient for air travel and at home even with space that is narrow. Continue reading

Is it time to talk more About Switching to Power Assist Wheelchair?

Power Assist WheelchairA manual wheelchair has its pros and cons. As the user, you will give first-hand information on the advantages of using a manual wheelchair. Transportability, providing exercise, your independence and the lower cost compared to the powered chairs make it a perfect choice. The long-term use of a manual wheelchair will, therefore, be something you may not bother changing sometime soon, but honestly, the continuous use of a manual wheelchair has its effects. In the long run, you will start experiencing regular stress-related injuries, fatigue and you will find it hard to ride manually on uneven and inclined terrains. That is when you will know that it is the time to switch over to the power assist wheelchair. If the following post describes you then your next wheelchair should be a power assist. Continue reading