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Anti tipper wheelchair

A Review on the Invacare Tracer IV Cushion Wheelchair Product

Invacare Tracer IV Heavy Duty WheelchairThe Invacare Tracer IV Wheelchair is a heavy duty wheelchair. The reinforced frame is built for strength and durability. If you count yourself active then this is your ideal wheelchair.

The Tracer offers high level roll ability and a streamlined look that gives it a stylish look. Its arms are adjustable, they are detachable.

The Invacare Tracer IV Custom Features

  • Reinforced heavy duty frame for sturdiness and durability
  • Upholstery include heavy duty liners keeps user from stretching
  • Dual Sealed bearings for maximum roll ability
  • Urethane rear tires mounted on no flex wheels gives optimum performance
  • Dual axle positioning enables you to adjust seat-to-floor heights

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Increase Your Wheelchair use Independence – Find out How

Wheelchair use IndependenceIt is a fact that wheelchair users find themselves in this situation against their wish. The thought of having to depend on a wheelchair to move may be freaking you out. Depending on assistance to move from one destination to another may be freaking you out even more. Designers of wheelchairs have incorporated accessories and products that will enhance your independence and convenience while using your chair. After finally deciding on the wheelchair to buy, consider buying the following accessories they will make your world a lot more the same as before.

Lifting Devices

Getting up and sitting down is a natural thing for any individual, but not for most wheelchair users. The availability of lifting devices allows you to lift yourself without any assistance. An assist rail is one of the lifting devices that are helpful. It is usually placed on a couch; chair or recliners to enable you to sit and stand easily. There are several types available and all are designed to make it more convenient and easy for you.


Most doorways will give you a hard time when riding your wheelchair. Investing in a ramp will guarantee your independence at climbing and descending steps at doorways. You will not have to worry about relying on assistance from a caretaker or even a kind stranger. Continue reading