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Fast Ways to Update the Look of Your Wheelchair

Fast Ways to Update the Look of Your WheelchairHave you shopped around for a wheelchair found the perfect wheelchair with amazing features but with only one fault – it has a dull color or does not look pretty enough? You can easily change the look of your chair by decorating it and making it an eye catcher by adding the following simple decorations.

The Color of the Cushions

Choosing colorful fun fabrics for your cushion covers will add color to your wheelchair and brightens your day. A range of fabrics is available in vast colors to chose from. You will be happy riding a wheelchair that is ‘wearing’ your favorite colors all day. It is easy to transform your chair from a gloomy dark look to a bright shining chair.

Stickers and Patches

Get your favorite rock band, sports team or even word stickers on your wheelchair. It will make you enjoy your ride as you look cool. The stickers are readily available in most art and craft stores and stationery stores.

Wheelchair Skin

Did you know that you can change the skin of your wheelchair?

You can stick it to the back seat, frame and wheel spokes ride your dream wheelchair and the beauty of it all is that should you need to change the skin or return to the original color all you need to do is peel off the skin. The removable skin will not leave permanent marks on any chair.


Adding colors is a creative and fast way of giving your wheelchair a stylish, vibrant look. You can decide to paint certain parts of the frame or wheels to get a colorful chair that will stand out from the crowd.

Use Lights

Lights are a great way to decorate your wheelchair. Apart from making your wheelchair an eye catcher it also help you remain visible at night; you need not worry about being invisible in the dark. there are many types of wheelchair lights available they range from spoke lights to wheel embedded ones.

Customize your Wheels

You can turn your dull, boring wheelchair into a stylish sharp standing out of the crowd wheelchair. All you need to do is customize the wheels. The wheelchair spoke guard that looks hard to decorate will be decorated to your chose color and design.


What you hang on your wheelchair can change the look of your wheelchair for better or worse. A wheelchair with ruffled shopping bags with crushed plastic water bottles peeping from inside is an ugly sight. But stylish pouches and bags will add color and change the look of your wheelchair. Only take care not to put so much weight on the chair it might lead to loss of balance and may tip over.


Your doctor may prescribe the use of a wheelchair for your mobility needs, but that should not confine you in to the common blue, black and gray boring world. Be yourself, bring out your creativity and make life brighter even when you are riding and rolling on your wheelchair, make your wheelchair experience the next best thing to walking.