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Wheelchair Safety

Safety Tips when using your Wheelchair

Safety Tips when using your WheelchairSafety should come first for any wheelchair user. It does not matter if you are a pro user or are still a learner, in both instances safety still comes first. Your safety will depend on how you handle your chair and above all how you maintain it.


Most of wheelchair accidents are caused by slipping. To avoid slipping ensure that you always inspect your tires. Treat the tires of your wheelchair the same way you treat your car tires. Check your tires treat and replace if they are worn out. Monitor the chair levels and have them filled to the correct amount.

Learn the tricks

Using a wheelchair like a hobby, it gets better with time. A new user is more likely to get an accident as compared to an experienced rider. To stay safe in your chair make sure your caster wheels are facing straight forward when transferring in to your wheelchair.

Cuts and bruises

Wheelchair accidents are not limited to falls from tipping over only. You may sustain cuts or bruises from the edges of your hand rims while propelling the wheelchair. Inspect the edges of the rims for any rough, jagged edges. Protect your hands from the risk of cuts by wearing a protective glove. Continue reading

10 Steps to Safely Operate a Wheelchair Outdoors

10 Steps to Safely Operate a Wheelchair OutdoorsIt is evident that a person who has to use a wheelchair has already been through a tough time. It might be as a result of a physiological or physical illness, injury, disability or old age. Safety for a wheelchair user is hence mandatory since the person in question is by all standards vulnerable. Care must be taken not to have him/her incur any further injury.

  1. Avoid potholes

Hitting a pot hole will destabilize the wheelchair and it will certainly tip over. If you must use a road with pot holes go around any that you come across.

  1. Keep off uneven surfaces

Look out for curbs, staircases, slopes and any other kinds of inclines. The wheelchair will not balance on such areas and might hurt the user.

  1. Don’t go to the beach or use sandy sidewalks/roads

When sand builds up on the tires it will cause the wheelchair to be off balance. If you must go to sand areas then ensure there’s someone to help you clean the sand off the tires. Continue reading