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Clean your Wheelchair Cushion to Prolong its Lifespan

Clean Wheelchair CushionCleaning and examining your wheelchair cushion is a straightforward process which when performed every week, helps to keep your seat cushion fresh and clean and help to improve its useful lifespan.

Prior to taking out your cushion, make sure you know its precise position and location in the chair to ensure that it could be put back in its correct position. Should you have any concerns for correct cushion placement, consult your therapist.

Wheelchair Cushion Features

The majority of cushions include a cover with either a zipper or a Velcro closure. After the cover is taken off, you should be able to clean it in a washer. Be sure to use a warm/cold and delicate cycle with gentle soap and no bleach. The covers can be air tumble dried to prevent any harm from the heat. Many industrial dryers become too hot for cushion cover material and can result in damage.

Fluid-filled and gel cushionsWash with soap and water. Rinse off. Towel dry.

Stretchy Matrix or Honeycomb Cushions: These are made to be easily cleaned. They come with a washing bag in which they are machine laundered followed by a tumble dry.

Open Cell Foam Cushions: Any kind of liquid can damage these. A number of covers safeguard the foam from dampers, however, if your foam cushion becomes wet, try out the following

  • Immediately stop sitting on the cushion right away since wet skin is quickly damaged.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch on the moist spot and allow it to dry. The starch can probably soak up the liquid.
  • Once fully dried, remove the starch and check the foam. If it looks broken, you’ll have to get another cushion.

Cleaning Underneath the Seat

Once your cushion is taken from the chair, take a good look under where the cushion was positioned to see the things you have built-up under there (snacks, toy cars, cereal, cigarette butts etc). Clean off any dry particles with a soft brush and after clean the area and crevices with a soft brush, soap, and water.

One more spot to look at while in cleaning mode are the caster axle bolts. All kinds of hair and string manage to collect there. The simplest way to get rid of this mess is to take out the bolt, eliminate the gunk, and re-install the bolt. the gunk can be removed with a pointed object. Eliminating this nest of fibers often makes your chair simpler to push.

Now that your cushion (as well as its cover) is fresh and dry, reassemble any parts taken out of the cushion in the spots you labeled earlier. Put the cover on, making sure to get the top and the front in the correct positions. Place the cushion back in the chair, making sure it is correctly placed.

Have fun with your nice and clean cushion!