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Enjoy Every Moment in Your Wheelchair with the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

Enjoy Every Moment in your wheelchair with the Jay X2 Wheelchair CushionWhen you have to use a wheelchair for mobility, it means that you will spend most of the time seated in the chair. Seating for long hours can cause more complications for you; this is the reason why you should consider ensuring that you are well supported in your seat and that you maintain a good posture so that you don’t worse the situation. Sportaid thinks about your health the most and always try to provide best products ever. This time Sportaid brings you the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion created with amazing features which I will let you know in the following paragraphs.

Features of the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

  1. The Cushion comes with a stretch outer cover that makes it easy for you to keep the cushion clean.
  2. It is lightweight and has a stable foam base with a reduced profile. This provides stability and gives pressure relief to you.
  3. The JAY Flow Fluid Insert enhances its base stability and it is evenly distributed in the cushion to ensure you do not need to keep unzipping and placing pressure on the gel filled inner part to distribute it.
  4. It comes with an innovative dual cover system.

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Clean your Wheelchair Cushion to Prolong its Lifespan

Clean Wheelchair CushionCleaning and examining your wheelchair cushion is a straightforward process which when performed every week, helps to keep your seat cushion fresh and clean and help to improve its useful lifespan.

Prior to taking out your cushion, make sure you know its precise position and location in the chair to ensure that it could be put back in its correct position. Should you have any concerns for correct cushion placement, consult your therapist.

Wheelchair Cushion Features

The majority of cushions include a cover with either a zipper or a Velcro closure. After the cover is taken off, you should be able to clean it in a washer. Be sure to use a warm/cold and delicate cycle with gentle soap and no bleach. The covers can be air tumble dried to prevent any harm from the heat. Many industrial dryers become too hot for cushion cover material and can result in damage.

Fluid-filled and gel cushionsWash with soap and water. Rinse off. Towel dry.

Stretchy Matrix or Honeycomb Cushions: These are made to be easily cleaned. They come with a washing bag in which they are machine laundered followed by a tumble dry.

Open Cell Foam Cushions: Any kind of liquid can damage these. A number of covers safeguard the foam from dampers, however, if your foam cushion becomes wet, try out the following Continue reading