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Ergonomic and an Atomic Grip Handles

An Ultimate Guide to Walking Stick Handles

Walking Stick HandlesWalking sticks are what carry your weight and help you move around, but their handles are what comes into contact with the palms of your hands and are where all the friction if any and all the sweaty, slippery reality of using the walking stick is found. Walking sticks are basically made of wood or aluminum. the following guidelines will help you make an appropriate choice of a walking stick handle that is best suited for you.

The Swan-Shaped Handle

As the name suggests, this type of walking stick handle is curved in the shape of a swan. The shape ensures that all the weight is kept on the shaft of the walking stick. It increases stability and helps ensure the user maintains a good posture since the stick will be kept straight rather than at an angle.

Straight T Shaped Handle

This is the most known walking stick handle shape. With this in your hand, you have the control. You can easily get a steady grip by wrapping your thumb around the front side of the handle and resting your weight on the top of the walking stick for comfort. It is an ideal choice for you if you are not looking for heavy weight support but rather lightweight support.

Derby Handles

This a more curved version of the T shaped walking stick handle. It gives the same option of gripping and support, the only difference is that it can be hung over the arm when not in use. This allows you to free your hands and dig both hands in other tasks until when you need to move again. A hook in your office or at home will be put to good use whenever you do not need this walking.

Ergonomic and an Atomic Grip Handles

If every step with your walking stick is a painful or deal then you need this kind of walking stick handle. Its shape follows the natural contour of the palm of your hand. It spreads your weight evenly across your hand’s pressure points. Painful wrists, painful stiff arthritic hands should not bother you anymore.


Having to rely on disability aids and products should not be at the expense of your comfort. When making walking stick handle choices consider how often you use them and how comfortable you will be walking or working with them.