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Colours Zephyr Basketball wheelchair-The Unique Sport Mate You Need

Colours Zephyr Basketball wheelchair-The Unique Sport Mate You NeedThe Colours Zephyr was created with meticulous customers in mind, they do not need anyone to tell them how to sit and function in their wheelchair since they know exactly what they want. The Colours Zephyr is one of the lightest wheelchairs in the market today it’s ultra-lightweight makes it unique and a perfect choice for any sports fan. Sportaid offers you this wonderful sport wheelchair that has amazing features which I will share next.

Features of Colours Zephyr Basketball Wheelchair

  1. The wheelchair is light with a frame weighing only 14.5lbs; hence it is portable and doesn’t have excess baggage that will hold you back when moving.
  2. Also, the Colours Zephyr is a strong wheelchair; the chair is made with the heat treatment unique technique which gives the wheelchair the strong sturdy feature.
  3. Besides, being strong and light the Colours Zephyr wheelchair comes with a dozen custom options, you are the creator of this wheelchair since you get to design and build it.

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Overview of the Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair

Overview of the Top End Pro Basketball WheelchairThe Top End Pro is a basketball player’s dream chair. It features high performance sports wheels, high pressure clincher tires, quick release axles, adjustable height fixed swivel ant-tip with a 58 mm fifth wheel and a smart fork caster system equipped with super hard 72 mm front casters. This durable and attractive chair will stand up to whatever you throw at it with its fixed camber and fully welded aluminum base. Additionally, this chair has adjustable front seat height, center of gravity, back height/angle, back upholstery and footrest positioning: fore/aft, up/down, angle the chair adjusts in the blink of an eye, which is a nice change from the way other basketball chairs operate.

What Makes It Different:

This chair is in a class of its own because it allows you to adjust it to your own unique specifications. Combine this with an adjustable footrest that allows you to get into the game either with your feet out (and secured by the toe stop and strap) or tucked securely away, and you have a chair that always comes up as a winner. Continue reading

Invacare Top End Preliminator Review – Is it Just another Racing Wheelchair?

Review on Invacare Top End Preliminator Racing WheelchairPurchasing a sports wheelchair is a big task that requires you to do your research very well. Easy-to-order custom racing wheelchair with adjustments that allow for growth is what the Invacare Top End Preliminator presents to you.

It has an adjustable back angle, foot plate, and in addition a seat depth that allows for growth and use by multiple users. This racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order a perfect choice for public schools, clubs, adaptive track and field, programs and even beginner paratriathletes.

The Invacare Top End Preliminator Racing Wheelchair was designed with the active youth who want to participate in track racing and/or paratriathlons in mind. This racing wheelchair is built to help a child or young adult to begin their journey into an active lifestyle. It is suitable for young children and can be used with both family and friends.

Adjustable back angle, foot plate, and seat depth allow for growth and use by multiple users. Based off of one measurement, this racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order. You have several bold colors to choose from your rides do not need to be dull with this wheelchair. Continue reading

Review of the Number One Wheelchair for Active Users

Review of Quickie GP/GPV WheelchairThe Quickie GP and GPV is a manual rigid wheelchair. The chair is ideal for active users who need a chair for everyday use as well as sports activities. The one-piece, welded frame offers a solid, rigid ride and a lighter overall chair weight. With a variety of options, the GP series wheelchair can be customized to fit tall, short, long or wide. Any individual can definitely find an adobe in a GP.

The Quickie GP has exceptional maneuverability. Standard with a 70 front frame angle; the GPV front end option tapers inwards in a V-like fashion. These features are designed to hold the legs in a tighter position. Also available are tighter frame angle too! Continue reading

Best Choice for the Sports Wheelchair – Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair

The Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair is the best choice for contact sports. It is used worldwide by top rugby athletes among other sportsmen.

Rigid Frame

The ‘Hammer’ features huge Aerospace Drawn Tubing, a wide “Hammer” and numerous custom options to design the chair to your specific needs.

Custom anti-tippers

These are a truly winning innovative design feature, and the beauty of it all is that you can either choose a single design or settle for a double design. They both offer an advantage which cannot be ignored. Now you can concentrate on the game 100 percent rather than the effects of gravity.

Dynamic Design

This chair has up to 20 degree of camber, you can turn on a dime and glide by the competition. The dynamic design of the huge super tubing and camber plate enables you to make adjustments that not only improve your performance but your game too. Continue reading