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Invacare Top End Preliminator Review – Is it Just another Racing Wheelchair?

Invacare Top End Preliminator Stock Racing Wheelchair Purchasing a sports wheelchair is a big task that requires you to do your research very well. Easy-to-order custom racing wheelchair with adjustments that allow for growth is what the Invacare Top End Preliminator presents to you.

It has an adjustable back angle, foot plate, and in addition a seat depth that allows for growth and use by multiple users. This racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order a perfect choice for public schools, clubs, adaptive track and field, programs and even beginner paratriathletes.

The Invacare Top End Preliminator Racing Wheelchair was designed with the active youth who want to participate in track racing and/or paratriathlons in mind. This racing wheelchair is built to help a child or young adult to begin their journey into an active lifestyle. It is suitable for young children and can be used with both family and friends.

Adjustable back angle, foot plate, and seat depth allow for growth and use by multiple users. Based off of one measurement, this racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order. You have several bold colors to choose from your rides do not need to be dull with this wheelchair.

Features of the chair include the following:

  1. Dimensions: Seat dimensions 10-18″ W x 10-17″ D (width and depth measured in 1″ increments).
  2. Horizontal or vertical steering handle with triangular track control bottom or top mounted.
  3. Seat to floor height: Adjustable from 17-21″ in 1/2″ increments.
  4. Rear to floor: Rear seat-to-floor height. Adjustable from 13.5-15″ in 1/2″ increments.
  5. Color: Tangerine Red, Raspberry Red, Simple Orange, Safety Yellow, Gecko Green, Grasshopper Green, Midnight Blue, Royal Blue, Electric Blueberry, Grape Madness, Bubble-Gum Pink, White Snow, Stealth Black, Wet Black, Black Prism, Silver Metallic, Stealth Grey.
  6. Back height: Adjustable from 9-11″, 10-14″, 12-16″ and 14-18″
  7. Product weight capacity: 250 lb.

Pros of the Top End Preliminator Racing Wheelchair

  1. Adjustable seat depth, foot plate, and back angle allow for growth.
  2. Telescoping, removable anti-tipper provides safety for novice racers.
  3. Easily order based on one measurement which allows for quick delivery.
  4. Accessories include a bike rack, click strap, colors, heart rate monitor, helmet, racing suit, safety light, training roller, water bottle, wheels and a wheel bag.

The cracking of the spot weld isn’t a manufacturer’s weakness but is a wear and tear issue that is bound to happen after a long time. It is, therefore, not to capitalize on. But overall it is an all-around chair that works well for both novices and experts.

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