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Overview of the Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair

Overview of the Top End Pro Basketball WheelchairThe Top End Pro is a basketball player’s dream chair. It features high performance sports wheels, high pressure clincher tires, quick release axles, adjustable height fixed swivel ant-tip with a 58 mm fifth wheel and a smart fork caster system equipped with super hard 72 mm front casters. This durable and attractive chair will stand up to whatever you throw at it with its fixed camber and fully welded aluminum base. Additionally, this chair has adjustable front seat height, center of gravity, back height/angle, back upholstery and footrest positioning: fore/aft, up/down, angle the chair adjusts in the blink of an eye, which is a nice change from the way other basketball chairs operate.

What Makes It Different:

This chair is in a class of its own because it allows you to adjust it to your own unique specifications. Combine this with an adjustable footrest that allows you to get into the game either with your feet out (and secured by the toe stop and strap) or tucked securely away, and you have a chair that always comes up as a winner.

Why We Like It:

The Top End Pro is an overall excellent chair that has all that you need to succeed on the court. In addition to its sporty look, light weight and versatile options, this chair allows athletes to choose from both a tall and short frame, so no matter your size, this chair will work for you.

What You Need to Know When Ordering:

This chair is customized to the selections that you make when ordering. Based on these selections, shipping time will vary.


  1. Full featured basketball chair with welded aluminum base.
  2. Super quick adjustability.
  3. Adjustable platform footrest.
  4. Fitted with a toe stop and trap for your safety.
  5. It has adjustable center of gravity to ensure your stability.
  6. The back height angle is also adjustable.
  7. The chair has high performance sport wheels.
  8. It also has high pressure clincher tires for maximum performance.

The pros and Cons of Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair:


  1. This is the “court master” you will play like the pro that you are in this chair.
  2. It is light weight and hence portable.
  3. Whether tall or short, the option to choose between tall and short frames will leave everyone covered.
  4. The chair is customized to the selections that you make; it no doubt will be a perfect chair for you. Built just for you.
  5. It is a durable and adjustable chair.


  • Being a high performance chair, it can easily wear off if not well maintained.

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