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5 Tips for a Day Out as a Wheelchair User

5 Tips for A Day Out As a Wheelchair UserYou will agree with me when I say that it is harder to do some things when you have a wheelchair and rely on your wheelchair for mobility. That does not, however, mean that you should not get out and do what you enjoy just because you are a wheelchair user. A little planning ahead will help solve most problems that can be faced when using a wheelchair outdoors. The following tips will help you enjoy venturing out while in your wheelchair.

Consider the Weather

Unlike most people, you will be seated in your chair when everyone else is standing, your legs are going to be rained on the reason why you need to consider the weather and plan in advance. It is definitely not fun to sit in a wet trouser after a downpour. Also propelling yourself in mud or wet roads is tiresome and will get your sleeves wet and even muddy. Checking the weather forecast may not be the most practical thing to do each time you have to go outdoors in your wheelchair, but it may save you the misery of getting soaked.

Appropriate Storage in case you need to leave your wheelchair

There are times when you need to leave your wheelchair. Such times should not leave you worried on where and how to store your wheelchair. For example, if you want to watch a movie in the cinema and have to leave your seat ensure that you make proper arrangements on how your seat should be kept so that it is not left in the aisle or is left at the back of the dark cinema hall.

Have your Repair Kit with you always

If you are rolling in the sun and enjoying every bit of the ride and then suddenly Bam!  flat tire. Would you be able to fix it or would give up and go home? Carry your repair kit so that in case you need to tighten a loose or fallen screw you do it comfortably.

Powered Mobility-Know the charging points

A power chair, mobility scooter or power assist wheels chairs on a long day may need to be charged for you to keep going. Even if you are not going out for long and may not necessarily need to charge your chair you need to be able to identify a charging point in case of an emergency.

Plan your Activities and Routes

Having a plan for your routes and activities you plan to carry out will save you from fatigue and arms- ache if you self-propel. The plan will give shorter routes to destinations while also giving the best option for roads that are perfect for the outdoor ride.


In conclusion, being confined to a wheelchair should not give you endless stress and worry whenever you have to go outside. With a little planning, you will enjoy every roll and ride outdoors whether in the park, in the shopping mall or even in the cinema hall. Life is beautiful to let the wheelchair not hold you back! Customer service at Sportaid is priceless with a lot of products a with many features.