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The Daily Challenges of using a Wheelchair

Daily Challenges of using a WheelchairNon-wheelchair users do not know the difficulties that wheelchair users have to face each day as they go about their daily activities. In this article, I am going to highlight some of these pains and difficulties in an effort to make you aware and hopefully find a long-term solution that will enable the wheelchair users to live more comfortably.

The almost Blind Spot

Owing to the fact that wheelchair users are below the normal or the expected level of vision most wheelchair users are not easily spotted by pedestrians or even drivers. This causes the drivers and pedestrians not to react fast and may result into an accident. This is dangerous for the wheelchair user.

Sitting and more Sitting

Spending all day sitting for a day, a week a month and even a year is not fun. The long sitting spells can lead to muscle cramps and sometimes even pressure sores. You will agree with me that the pain that comes with these is unbearable.

Public Transit

Boarding and alighting from a bus that has wheelchair equipment can be tedious. It takes a good amount of time to get the equipment and finally get on the bus and equally time-consuming to get the equipment and chair off the bus at the destination. Now, that is for a bus with the wheelchair equipment. What would the case be then on a bus without the wheelchair equipment? It goes without saying that it would be an impossible venture. It would be worsened with lack of elevators or when they are out of order.

Uneven Rough Terrain

Wheelchair rides need even, smooth terrain, it is only then that you will have nice smooth rides. But when the terrain is rough and uneven then you will most definitely have bumpy rides that cannot only feel very uncomfortable but can cause accidents of tipping over and getting hurt.

Older Buildings Hard To Access

How would you feel if you cannot join your larger family for a birthday or for lunch in town, not go shopping or even visit a friend the reason being you cannot manoeuvre the narrow corridors of the building since they were built a long time ago. To spare you the complication and difficulty you have no choice but avoid visiting these places altogether.


Now that you are aware of the problems and difficulties that wheelchair users go through every day, I believe that you will be more understanding and accommodating and ready to offer help whenever needed. This will make the world a safer and wheelchair-user friendly, who knows we may need a wheelchair for mobility at some point in life.