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7 Benefits of Exercising in a Wheelchair

Exercise is important for you even if you are an everyday wheelchair user. It not only helps you to stay in shape but also ensures that your muscles continue being active and do not deteriorate. Wheelchair exercising is beneficial, however; you should get advice from your therapist regarding the same since the exercises recommended may vary according to the individual’s abilities and the level and nature of injury or illness. The benefits include the following.

Emotional Benefit

Through exercising by participating in sport your self-esteem will be raised. Having to know what you are capable of doing despite your disability increases your self-esteem. Besides, your stress levels will be reduced when you exercise. Also exercising helps promote a positive attitude which many people struggle to have; as a result, your mood will be raised. The feel-good high will help ease anxiety and depression. This is true for both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users.

Improve Stamina and Muscle Strength

The endurance of the muscles is built by regular exercising of those muscles. The muscles increase your strength and improve stamina enabling you to venture into even more exercises that you may be interested in.

Alleviate Muscle/Joint Pain

Exercise controls muscle and joint pain, you may be wondering how? The explanation is that when you exercise the affected part is less likely to swell. The controlling of swelling assists in inhibiting joint swelling, which further alleviates pain in the process.

Try Something New

If you are tired and bored of sitting in your wheelchair all day going out your daily tasks in some routine and are interested in trying something new then why not try something interesting? You can start exercising in your wheelchair. By so doing you may not only benefit from keeping in shape, but you may get a chance to meet new people and make new friends from the gym you choose to start exercising from.

Increase Your Sense of Freedom

The increase in your sense of freedom will further make you feel more independent and release the energy you need to attain greater things and hence improve your general quality of life.

Improve Balance

The daily exercise routine in your wheelchair is beneficial for the improvement of your balance. You will be able to stay stable and can remain balanced even when you manoeuvre tricky terrains in your wheelchair. You will do all these very comfortably. This will help prevent injuries in a way.

Build Muscles and Bone Mass

Your muscles and bone mass can be influenced by how often you exercise or do not exercise. The more you exercise the more your muscles and bone mass will be built. The fact that you are a wheelchair user will require that you are in a position to propel yourself sometimes; a little muscle and bone mass will come in handy for the rides.


If you haven’t started exercising in your wheelchair yet then now is the time to consider this important aspect that will not only keep you healthy but will help ease your mobility. If you have a medical condition consult your doctor or therapist first before you start any exercise. And also whenever possible always have an instructor, caregiver or partner when exercising in your wheelchair. And lastly, do not strain your body to the point of feeling any pain.