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A Review for Pride Maxima, 3 Wheeled Luxury Scooter

Review on Pride Maxima, 3 Wheeled Heavy Duty Luxury Scooter

This motorized scooter is constructed to take a weight of 500 lbs. It offers a performance that is outstanding and its elegant style adds the icing on the fabulous features that include upgraded electronics and an ultra-heavy duty drive train for added power; you know very well that power without control is nothing, the Maxima ensure control by offering a seat with the highest level of comfort. The seat comes with a lap belt for your comfort. The features that make the Maxima 3 unique include the following.

Features of the Maxima 3 Wheel

  1. It has a front heavy duty front basket.
  2. The maxima has an easy to adjust tiller and an enhanced rear suspension.
  3. A front headlight to light your way in the dark.
  4. It also offers a one-piece, stable frame construction.
  5. Your safety is guaranteed with the anti-tip wheels.
  6. The Maxima’s whisper quiet train gives it a stylish look.
  7. The black tires are non-marking and it also has silver hub-cabs.
  8. It also has a power seat option for an additional 5″ of seat height to enable you to reach higher cabinets and shelves.
  9. It has a turning radius of 52″ and a cool speed of 5.25MPH.
  10. A comfortable seat with a 60″ lap belt included.

The Pros and Cons of the Maxima 3 Wheel


  1. The Maxima is durable and dependable transportation.
  2. It has a high weight limit. Nice cloth seat.
  3. Well made, easy to use, very comfortable.
  4. Pride Maxima comes apart for hauling and very easy to do with no tools, 95% of the scooters do not do that.
  5. Ease of use and durability.
  6. Turning radius is small enough for the average size home. Recharge is very quick and easy.
  7. It comes with a very comfortable large seat.


  1. The solid rubber wheels are easier to maintain, but as others have noted, you feel the cracks in the sidewalks. Pneumatic tires perhaps would make the ride smoother.
  2. The turning radius may be a setback for some people.
  3. A point to note: Follow the instructions that came with the charger and charge those batteries when you get home and all will be fine A little hard to get in and out of because of the short floorboard, but with practice, you will get it.
  4. The distance between seat and steering pedestal is average. It could allow for more distance for ease of getting on/off the scooter.

Not to say that everything is sunflowers and daffodils here, but as noted above, the Maxima 3 wheel has benefits that make it a reliable and durable scooter. It has the option for upgrading the batteries for a greater drive range between charges; this makes the battery long lasting for longer drives. And the charging port is located on the tiller making it easily accessible. It is definitely a must-have!