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Overview of the Go-Go Elite Traveller 4-Wheel

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller, 4 Wheeled Scooter - FDA Class II Medical Device

Do you need a longer range for your daily activities? The Go-Go is rated to travel up to 6 miles on charge and with the optional 18AH battery pack you are guaranteed to travel up to 9.7 miles with each charge. Besides, it is easy to disassemble, has a great stability of all the four wheels on the ground. It also has a lightweight frame and is generally light enough to easily load it into a car. And that’s not all: the Go-Go has lots of other incredible features, keep reading and you will find out what they are.

What makes this Different:

Choose the travel range that’s best for you! The Elite Traveller is rated to travel up to 6 miles on a charge. Need a longer range for your daily activities? The optional 18AH battery pack gives users the ability to travel up to 9.7 miles with each charge.

Why we Like it:

We think that Pride’s scooters offer users the total package – comfort, reliability and service. The Elite Traveller 4-Wheel scooter goes a step beyond by making it possible to upgrade to a longer-running battery at a very affordable price. .


  1. 18 AH battery option for extended drive range.
  2. Comes with blue, and red shroud covers.


  1. It is narrower than most manual wheelchairs.
  2. It is easy to manoeuvre, portable, simple assembly and disassembly with practice.
  3. It is portable, can fit into a car without large attachments by taking apart into 4 pieces.
  4. It is sturdy and stable for traveling. Ease of transporting in and out of vehicles.
  5. Appearance, power, comfortable, swivel seat, battery life & ease of charging.
  6. It is very usable and the speed control is very easy to use, which is important if one has limited muscle controlling ports.
  7. Compact, easy to drive, breakdowns nicely, should be nice and stable.
  8. It can pick up speed just at the turn of a button.
  9. It’s solid in construction.
  10. Easy to use, stable feel, very accessible charger port, simple to assemble/disassemble, parts reasonably easy to handle, all parts except seat fit in a very small trunk (a Mitsubishi Mirage).
  11. The swing-up armrest makes it easy to get on/off. And it is attractive, not big and clunky like the ones available to customers at Wal-Mart. It doesn’t scream “handicapped.”
  12. It has very easy steering, plenty of power for most situations. Seat is comfortable.
  13. It is easy to use, turns around easy in small space, feels stable does not tip going around corners and looks and works just great.


  1. For ground clearance, one more inch would do. You would like to be able to use it to get to your mailbox which is 1/4 mile down a fairly smooth dirt driveway you won’t be able to because it drags on pebbles in the yard.
  2. It needs a better braking method; rolls 3″ or 4″ after forward/backward paddles are released.
  3. Just a little more room for your feet or an adjustable seat would be perfect feature.
  4. Battery is sometimes hard to release, and have cut back if hand on sharp seat post. It would be nice to remove seat post before battery.
  5. It is a bit cumbersome and heavy to lift. The battery is heavy too.

Finally, The Go-Go Elite Traveler gives you a 300 pound weight capacity and the option to upgrade to an 18 AH battery for longer trips. The four wheels gives you greater stability over the three model for outdoor usage, but a turning radius still small enough to be agile indoors. Visit Sportaid to view the more detailed images of this product or see the other accessories of the wheelchairs.