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A critical review on the Tilite 2GX Folding Titanium Wheelchair

Review on TiLite 2GX Folding Titanium WheelchairIf you are looking for a wheelchair that is strong, rigid and can endure for a long time hence durable then you are looking for the Tilite 2GX. You will agree with me that the frame is the heart of any given wheelchair. The Tilite’s frame is crafted from aero-space titanium that ensures the mentioned features. Rough terrain with rough surfaces outdoors is exactly what this wheelchair is built for. These combined with the other amazing features make the Tilite 2GX one of the best choice of wheelchair you can make.

It has a unique side to side folding mechanism that minimizes folding width and maximizes portability. The shaft also makes folding and unfolding an easy task for you.

The chair’s frame is curved out of titanium, titanium is one of the strongest metals that exist on the face of the earth, breaking or bending of this frame is therefore completely out of question. The guarantee of rigidity makes it one of your first choices of wheelchairs to settle for when considering buying a performer.

The Tilite 2GX Folding Titanium Wheelchair has the following Features

  • True fit adjustment mechanism with preset holes.
  • Curved axle plates for effortless height seat adjustments.
  • Growing chair depth and width switching with the modular frame designs.
  • Redesigned foot plates that are non slip for your safety. Gamers want to know that their personal and financial details are safe and that any cash transactions they are involved in are secure.
  • One piece frame design that reduces flexibility hence increases the performance of the chair.
  • Has a strong titanium folding frame.
  • Fixed and swing-away frame options to choose from.
  • Multiple upholstery colors.
  • Spinergy wheels available.
  • Adjustable center of gravity.
  • Tension adjustable seat upholstery.
  • Quick release axles.
  • Swing away tubular armrests.
  • Treaded pneumatic rear wheels.

The Pros and Cons of the Wheelchair


  • Stability when weight is distributed both forward and backwards.
  • A rather “clean” design, so it looks as nice as any chair can.
  • It is well balanced to perfection. Both are trusted game creators that are well known for delivering visually appealing graphics, pitch-perfect sound quality and ultra-smooth gameplay. The back folds down easily. You can remove the wheelchair while holding onto the luggage rack.
  • Lateral stability when weight is far left or right of centre.
  • Endurance is satisfactory under on and off-road conditions.
  • The Tilite is lightweight you can pick it yourself without help.


  • It has no arms hence feels unsafe when pushed.
  • The wheelchair’s wheels are small hence not easy to push it on your own.
  • It tends to be a little tippy especially, carrying a bag pack also tends to affect the balance of the chair.


The lack of armrests and the small wheels make the chair light and portable that is what is important I presume. The tippy feel on being pushed is caused by the weight that tends to be focused to the front, but with practice, you won’t need someone to push you since you will be able to lift the front wheels comfortably and enjoy a smooth ride.

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