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8 Features of the Titan 600 Lift by Aqua Creek ADA – Compliant

Titan 600 Lift by Aqua Creek ADA-CompliantIf you are struggling with finding the right pool lift your search stops here at Sportaid, it presents to you the Titan 600 Lift by Aqua Creek which has among the highest weight capacity in the lifts market today. And it does not stop here; the pool lift has other incredible features that I will share with you in this post.

The Features of Titan 600 Lift by Aqua Creek ADA-Compliant

  1. The lift comes with a 22″ extra wide seat, a perfect size that will ensure comfort even for the fairly large individuals.
  2. Dual flip-up arms are ideal for safe transfers, it is easy to get in and get out of the seat without risking falling off.
  3. The lift has removable and adjustable footrests that ensure you sit comfortably and enjoy every moment at the pool.
  4. It also features a water-resistant handset which ensures the handset is not damaged by water with continued use.
  5. This lift has a rechargeable battery that can be easily charged, and that is not all, the wall mount charger further makes it super easy for you to charge it.
  6. The titan ensures that you are secure with the lap belt it has, the belt is adjustable so it can fit all comfortably.
  7. This amazing product is of the best quality. It is constructed from stainless steel which it does not rust or get corroded with time.
  8. The powder coat finish does not only enhance its durability, but it also gives it an elegant look that makes it an eye-catching piece.

The Pros and Cons of the Titan 600 Lift by Aqua Creek 


  1. The charger can work anywhere, not necessarily outside. You don’t need wires to connect the hand controls are superb.
  2. The product is easy to use; the hand controls are simple to understand and use.
  3. The lift is the perfect solution for you if getting in and out of the pool is a problem.


The Titan 600 does not extend far enough into the pool and should rise a little higher than it does, but the other amazing features still make it a perfect choice for pool activities.


Sportaid offers you this versatile lift that stands out as the best among others, it has great weight capacity coupled with an extra wide seat that can be adjusted to increments of up to 4″ the footrest can also be adjusted with increments of 1.5″ do you realize how incredibly precious that is? It is clear that no other lift can accommodate such a wide range of users and beats the titan in terms of versatility. Contact Sportaid and place your order today for this wonderful product at the best price you can ever get.