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6 Reasons why You should buy the TiLite TRA Rigid Titanium Wheelchair

TiLite TRA Rigid Titanium WheelchairThis is a wheelchair that combines both performance and comfort. Built with that in mind, its titanium dual-tube frame gives it the power to perform while its adjustability gives you the comfort you require for your mobility.

Swept-in Dual-Tube Frame

Every wheelchair user will agree with me that rigidity is the first point to consider when choosing a wheelchair. The TiLite TRA Rigid Titanium offers maximum rigidity with its dual tube frame. The wheelchair guarantees no wasted energy. The frame won’t budge or bend at your weight for that is what it is built for.

The Titanium Factor

It is fact that titanium is one of the strongest metals that exist. It does not easily break and has the ability to absorb vibration. The TiLite TRA has been crafted from seamless, aerospace titanium. The strength and durability of this wheelchair cannot be doubled for it has been built from the best material.

Full Adjustability

Different people have different levels of comforts depending on the size, height and other factors. With the TiLite TRA you have the freedom to adjust your wheelchair to your preferred size. The Tru-Fit system allows full adjustability; this makes the chair more of ‘one size fits all’ and thus one to consider when looking for a wheelchair to buy.

Tishaft Back Release Bar

The TRA is designed for unparalleled performance and function. The Tishaft back release bar is specially attached to make folding and unfolding from any angle easy. With this wheelchair, you will find maximum comfort.

Speed Louder Adjustable front Caster Housing

The speed loader as the name suggests enables you to adjust fork angle with speed while at the same time maintaining accuracy. Who will not find this a gem? For speed and accuracy combined are what everyone is looking for and is hard to come by.

Adjustable Camber Mount

Camber mount adjustability is essential for it allows rear seat adjustments for up to 3.5′. The TiLite Tru-Fit system enables it to be achieved easily as it blends in with the description giving a perfect comfortable chair built for your convenience.


In conclusion, if you consider quality, reliability, and comfort as paramount points to consider when looking for a wheelchair then the TiLite TRA wheelchair is what you should take home and the good news is you save 25% on every purchase of the TiLite TRA Rigid Titanium wheelchair when you buy from Sportaid.