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Grip and Go with the Q- Grip Coated Hand Rim by Out-Front

Grip and Go with the Q- Grip Coated Hand Rim by Out FrontThe Q- Grip paints the real picture of what a hand rim should be. If you have been struggling and disappointed with the performance of vinyl, foam and even Duracush coatings there is great news for you; the Q-Grip Hand Rim by Out-Front. It is uniquely made with anti-slip neoprene coating that makes it outstanding. The Q-Grip is available at Sportaid; I will share the details of its features in a moment.

Features of the Q- Grip Coated Hand Rim by Out-Front

  1. Every part of the rim gives you an outstanding grip.
  2. The rim allows you maximum control when braking, this enhances your safety.
  3. The hand rim is built to last long; you do not have to worry about it breaking down easily.
  4. It is created an even layering that gives it the strongest bond for durability.
  5. The rim can fit on wheel sizes from 22″ to 26″ and goes on all 6 point tab wheels with spinergy, Dino, Fusion and sun wheels inclusive.

The Pros and Cons of the Q-Grip Coated Hand Rim by Out-Front


  1. The Q-Grip has a thicker coat compared to other hand rims; this enhances durability as a result of great quality.
  2. They add energy to your push by ensuring that more of your energy is concentrated towards propelling the wheel forward rather than struggling to maintain the grip.
  3. The hand rim has a superior grip.


The Q-Grip is expensive, but it is worth the price as its performance is fantastic.


Sportaid presents to you the Q-Grip Hand Rim at a pocket-friendly price. It has the best tackiness and you do not actually need your gloves to get the grip. Save yourself the agony of struggling to find one glove every time you need to push your wheelchair around with the Q-Grip Hand Rim from Sportaid. Contact their ready-to-serve customer team and place your order today.