Better Your Best with the Spinergy Spox Everyday Wheelchair Wheels 22″/24″/25″/26″

Better Your Best with the Spinergy Spox Everyday Wheelchair Wheels 22Take your sporting activities to the next level and enhance your performance with this ultra-lightweight spox wheels. These are many pounds lighter than the average sports wheel. And that is not all, the wheels are extra wide and the brake style rims are lighter and stronger. I will let you in on the Spinergy Spox Everyday Wheelchair Wheels in this post.

Features of Spinergy Everyday Wheelchair Wheels 22″/24″/25″/26″

  1. The spokes are available in amazing colors to choose from; red, blue, white, yellow and black.
  2. The black spokes are built on silver hubs and other color spokes are built on black hubs. It gives a wonderful sleek finish.
  3. It can take a weight limit of 250 lbs (for the narrow hubs) while the wide hubs can take weight limits of up to 350 lbs.
  4. The wheels have a great impact strength the performance is enhanced by a sports hub with 24 PBO spokes with a tensile strength of 38000 lbs each.

The Pros and Cons of the Spinergy Everyday Wheelchair Wheels 22″/24″/25″/26″


  1. The rims have a trendy, stylish look and would give your wheelchair a cool look.
  2. Besides, they are light but strong and durable. They are solid too.
  3. They are a perfect fit for most wheelchairs and in addition is lightweight making them ideal for a sporting wheelchair.


You may want to call and confirm the size and type of axle you have to confirm that they work.


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