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A Review on the Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 Work out Machine

Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 Workout Machine ReviewIf you like working out and would be more than happy to acquire a work out machine that you will use from the comfort of your house then this is for you! It can be used comfortably regardless of whether you are a paraplegic, a quadriplegic or an able-bodied person; thanks to its various stations that it is equipped with. It is no doubt one of the best workout machines being a product of a world leader in the fitness industry.

It is type of sports equipment technology crafted to work perfectly for both able-bodied people as well as disabled individuals. It further allows those with varied arm strength to perform at a comfortable level with minimum or even no assistance at all.

Arm Curl:-
Building sturdy noticeable biceps well separated from the forearms requires serious exercise and not just exercise but with the right machine. You will agree with me that the strenuous exercise is itself enough effort for perfect biceps, your comfort as you sweat through the sessions should, therefore, feature on your list of worries. The adjustable arm pad that adjusts to fit any user support and alignment is a guarantee. It allows both single and two-handed curls.

Seated Row:-
Further stability and comfort are added by the back pad telescopes which double as a chest pad too. And with the option of allowing you to chose a variety of options that could be the best to start from resulting in complete extensions throughout the movement and with a full work out of your middle to upper back thanks to the upper arm’s three handles what more would you ask for?

Hi/Mid/Low Pulleys:-
This machine has been crafted with pulleys that operate for separate hi/low pulleys. The system is ideal for both upper body and legs exercises.

The Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 has the following Features:

  1. It is painted with epoxy powder coat paint.
  2. Has a slide pin adjustment for easy adjustments.
  3. Chrome guide rods/top plates.
  4. The aircraft cables are nylon coated.
  5. 200 lb weight stack with 10 lb increment.

The Pros and Cons of the Work out Machine


  1. It is space efficient; a small corner in your house is enough for the machine.
  2. The sturdiness of the machine is commendable.
  3. A great product with great design.
  4. Its adjustability allows wheelchair users  to use it comfortably.
  5. Has got an accurate weight and a smooth weight movement.
  6. Variety of exercises giving you many options to chose from.


  • If you plan to use it in the basement, ensure that your ceiling height is appropriate.

It is clear that the pros of Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 Work out machines outweigh the cons. The assemblage of the machine can be made easier by requesting assistance to assemble and set up the machine. Also, ensure you follow the assembly instructions keenly.

Visit Sportaid online and place your order today, the friendly staff are always ready to help and will give you the best support regarding purchase and assembly of the machine. All your questions about the machine will also be answered in details. And most importantly take advantage of the discounts, fast shipping, and the low prices when purchasing this high-quality machine.