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A Critical Review on the Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair

Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair ReviewThe Quickie 2 folding wheelchair presents advanced technology and aesthetics to the folding wheelchairs arena. It’s made of aerospace aluminum that ensures the rigidity and strength of the chair while at the same time maintaining its lightweight. It is not only a great looking wheelchair but is lightweight and so easy to fold.

The Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair Features:-

  1. Adjustable axle plates that will ensure you have all the floor heights that you ever wanted.
  2. The optional Q2 caster housing combines both durability and adjustability.
  3. The four-arm diamond shaped cross brace made out of 7005 series aluminum makes the redesigned cross brace more rigid, lighter and stronger.
  4. The upholstery that is EXO gives the chair a sleek modern style and further provides optimal positioning.
  5. A frame that adapts with you, as your body, the environment and function changes.


  1. The seat is comfortable
  2. Armrests provide comfort and support fully
  3. Leg rests do not wear and hold over time
  4. Good frames and wheels
  5. Very light and maneuverable
  6. Easily disassembled for transport
  7. Brakes are stable and secure
  8. Good sturdy frame, easy to adjust camber and caster

With care and regular maintenance that entails using lots of lithium grease, the Quickie 2 folding wheelchair is a great choice for you. The upholstery may be hard to clean but this is something you do not do every day. A little dusting and wiping may take you a long way before you need to fully clean the chair.

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