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TiLite TR Titanium – light, stylish and tastefully designed high grade quality wheelchair

This is no doubt the wheelchair that you are looking for! You will enjoy this light, stylish and tastefully designed high grade quality wheelchair at a price that won’t leave your wallet empty.


The wheelchair is ideal for users who may travel. It has a TR frame that is compact and thus very easy to transport compared to other models. A traveller who uses a wheelchair for mobility will find the TRLite Tr Titanium a travel mate.


It possess a flexible chair that can shrink by up to an inch, this ensures that the user moves carefully and skilfully in narrow corridors and areas with limited space. With this wheel chair, you will be able to easily access places that you have always had fears to visit with a normal wheelchair. Count all the places that you only visited in your dreams accessible with the TR Titanium.


The stylishness of this wheelchair comes out elegantly in the curved design of the lower frame tube; this creates a one of its kind look as the lower frame gradually mixes in and is engulfed in.

Optimum Energy Transfer

The dual tube frame is technically designed to create high quality. It is sturdy hence not easily bent. This ensures best energy transfer and adds to the strength of the wheelchair.

Custom Design

To add on the wheelchair’s look, the wheelchair has been designed with a curved backrest tube, making the elegancy of this wheelchair stick out and stand out among the very best wheelchair models that you must consider purchasing.

Light and not bulky

Consequently, this gem comes with a swept caster arm with bullet caster housing. The importance of this feature is that it further reduces on the weight of the wheelchair and gives it the final look that makes it beautifully unique.

Conclusively, the TiLite TR titanium is a wheelchair that stands out from the crowd as a chair that will be of great service to you. Its unique features and eye catching design puts it as one of the best wheelchairs that you must consider possessing.