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Why the Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair? A Review

Review of Top End Pro Tennis WheelchairThis chair is made specifically for all types of athletes. It is fast, easy to adjust and most importantly it is durable. The name suggests that it is a tennis chair but what is in a name? The chair does not only perform on tennis courts but can be used to play other sports too by making the adjustments!

What does this Chair Feature?

  1. It has a fully welded aluminum base with a fixed camber for stiffness and durability.
  2. Features high-performance sports wheels that ensure ultimate performance.
  3. High-pressure clincher tires.
  4. Quick release axle.
  5. A smart fork caster system that includes a super hard 72 mm front casters.
  6. Easy to make adjustments.
  7. Quick and simple to order, you only need to take your seat width and depths select a wheelbase and wheel size and bam! Your chair is ready.
  8. There is a variety of colors to choose from.
  9. Adjustable height swivel anti-tip with a 59 mm fifth wheel.


  1. Super quick adjustability that is mind blowing.
  2. You can actually adjust it between matches with the quick release height seat adjustment system.
  3. It also has an adjustable center of gravity, adjustable front seat height, back height/angle, back upholstery and footrest positioning up/ down and forward/ backwards.
  4. Has an adjustable footrest that allows you to tuck your feet in if you feel like it.
  5. Toe strap or stop to secure your feet in place.
  6. The seat rail extensions help to deliver the backhand perfectly.


  • This chair is not the best choice for amputees wearing lower limb prosthesis since the footrest adjustment isn’t the greatest.

The advantages of using this wheelchair are much more than the disadvantages of investing in it. It is a chair that will take your play to the next level.

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