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Keep Fit and in Shape with the Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

Keep Fit and in Shape with the Mclain Wheelchair Training RollersIf you are struggling with finding a wheelchair training or exercise equipment that you can use in the comfort of your home the Mclain Wheelchair training Rollers available at Sportaid is exactly what you are looking for. It offers you convenience combined with the highest levels of practicability. In addition, it is easy to assemble with only hand screws and nothing else. These and other features that I will share in details next are what makes it a must-have.

Features of the Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

  1. It accommodates both regular and sports wheelchair.
  2. The Wheelchair Training Rollers can easily access ramps.
  3. Besides, it can be easily folded hence easy to transport and also store.
  4. The legs are adjustable; your comfort is guaranteed with this feature.
  5. Your safety is not compromised with the brakes that the Rollers has, getting on and off the roller is not a risky venture.
  6. The Wheelchair Training Rollers come with Training Roller drums that allow for three sets of speed.
  7. And that is not all, it also has 32-inch wide lathe turned drums that further enhances its performance.

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