interchangeable frame components

Why I love the Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair ( and you should too!)

Quickie 2 Folding WheelchairYou will agree with me that versatility is an important point to consider when buying a wheelchair. But when it is combined with durability and strength then no doubt the result is a remarkable product. That is what the Quickie 2 Folding is made up of.

Modular Frame Design

When your body, function and environment change you do not need to change your wheelchair if you have the Quickie 2, it is designed to accommodate any changes that you may face. The independent, interchangeable frame components are ideal for adaptability.

Stronger and Lighter

Any wheelchair user looks for strength and less bulky. The strength ensures your maximum support and stability and less weight is equal to portability. These are the key components of a wheelchair you should consider when choosing from many. Continue reading