Spinergy FlexRim Wheelchair Wheels 24″/25″- A Review

Spinergy FlexRim Wheelchair Wheels 24The most important part of a wheelchair is the rim. It determines how your wheelchair moves and also tells if you are riding comfortably or not thus you will feel with every grip you make as you enjoy the ride on your wheelchair. The Spinergy FlexRim sits between the spinergy wheel and the aluminum push rim. It is made to give you absolute comfort and make every ride fantastic.

The Features of the Spinergy FlexRim Wheelchair Wheels 24″/25″

  1. The spoke comes in amazing colors to choose from, they range from black, yellow, orange, blue, red, pink and even green.
  2. The black spokes are built on silver hubs while other spoke colors are built on black hubs; this gives it a neat, sleek look.
  3. The Spinergy FlexRim Wheelchair Wheels has a weight limit of 250 lbs.
  4. The rim offers you a low impact, here is how it works, the FlexiRim is flexible hence protects your hands from impact loading.
  5. In addition, the rim gives you a firm grip; this is enhanced by the soft high friction urethane.

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Keep Fit and in Shape with the Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

Keep Fit and in Shape with the Mclain Wheelchair Training RollersIf you are struggling with finding a wheelchair training or exercise equipment that you can use in the comfort of your home the Mclain Wheelchair training Rollers available at Sportaid is exactly what you are looking for. It offers you convenience combined with the highest levels of practicability. In addition, it is easy to assemble with only hand screws and nothing else. These and other features that I will share in details next are what makes it a must-have.

Features of the Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

  1. It accommodates both regular and sports wheelchair.
  2. The Wheelchair Training Rollers can easily access ramps.
  3. Besides, it can be easily folded hence easy to transport and also store.
  4. The legs are adjustable; your comfort is guaranteed with this feature.
  5. Your safety is not compromised with the brakes that the Rollers has, getting on and off the roller is not a risky venture.
  6. The Wheelchair Training Rollers come with Training Roller drums that allow for three sets of speed.
  7. And that is not all, it also has 32-inch wide lathe turned drums that further enhances its performance.

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Carry Your Essentials at your Reach with Quickie Wheelchair Side Pocket

Carry Your Essentials at your Reach with Quickie Wheelchair Side PocketThe Quickie Wheelchair Side Pocket is the perfect companion for any wheelchair user not only outdoors but even indoors. It comes with fantastic features that make it easy to modify and organize both your small and not so small personal items. Keep reading to find out why the Quickie Wheelchair Side Pocket is a must have.

Features of the Quickie Wheelchair Side Pocket

  1. The side pocket comes in a sleek modern design that will fit perfectly on any wheelchair.
  2. In addition to the above, it fits many standard wheelchairs.
  3. It also has a unique triple Velcro design that allows you to attach it on your wheelchair with ease.
  4. It is designed to hold every small item and all items you need to reach like your smart phone and keys.

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Experience Quality with the Invacare Full Body Solid Fabric Sling

Experience Quality with the Invacare Full Body Solid Fabric Sling The Invacare Full Body Solid Fabric Sling is the sling you will use comfortably without any worry of it tearing or coming apart. You will be at peace knowing that your comfort and safety are what was focused on when creating this sling. Apart from that, it has the most fantastic features that you will love keep reading to find out what they are.

Features of the Invacare Full Body Solid Fabric Sling

  1. The sling has a four-point hook- up that makes it easy for you to hook it up.
  2. It is easy to keep clean since it is made of washable fabric.
  3. The sling can be used comfortably in both wet and dry environments; this is made possible by the polyester fabric it is made of.
  4. A brushed lining enables you to stay safe, it inhibits sliding and also protects your skin from injury.
  5. It can be put in a reclining position and comfortably used by amputees.
  6. This sling can also be used by users with limited head control and those that are partially or totally dependent too.

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Surge Wheelchair Hand Rims by Out Front – A Review

A Review of the Surge Wheelchair Hand Rims by Out FrontSportaid presents to you the number one invention in the pushing technology that works amazingly well that you will be left wondering how you have been living without it for all that time. The rim is lined with a rubber band that gives you a great feeling each time you use it and that is not all; it gets better with every use.

Features of the Surge Wheelchair Hand Rim by Out Front

  1. The hand rim is lightweight it is created as a single component.
  2. It has a Gription strip that improves traction on every push.
  3. The oval shape comes in two different sizes to fit the hand.
  4. The side surfaces are smooth and will not burn your hands when you brake.
  5. You have the option of choosing a close-in mount or a wide mount option depending on what you prefer.
  6. The hand rim is flexible enough to fit on all rim sizes from 20″ to 26″.

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A Review of the Padded Drop – Arm Commode

A Review of the Padded Drop- Arm CommodeUsing the bathtub and the shower can be a challenging task for a wheelchair user. But with the Padded Drop-Arm Commode every bathtub and shower moment is made super easy. It only takes the user a push of a button to drop the arms and facilitate fast and safe movement from left to right and thus making transfers too easy. That is just the tip of the iceberg, the commode has a lot of incredible features I will share them with you next.

Features of the Drop-Arm Commode

  1. The seat is designed not only to ensure your safety, the resilient foam padded back and seat offers you utmost comfort.
  2. The Padded Drop-Arm Commode is created to make lateral transfers easy.
  3. It is fact that the Padded Drop-Arm Commode will certainly get wet whenever you use it, this is why the padded foam hand grips are made not to get slippery even when wet.
  4. The backrest can be used and the seat mounted on the toilet to offer a fantastic over-the-toilet-safety-frame.
  5. The arms drop with the push of a button for unrestricted left-to-right leg movement.

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Carry it all in the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down under Bags

Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under BagsTake your valuables with you everywhere you go with these stylish bags that you can carry comfortably under your wheelchair seat. Let keys, your phone and even important documents you need to have like your identity card or even your money be tucked away safely within your reach in the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under Bags. The bag comes with fantastic features that make it an ideal companion as you go about your everyday tasks whether at the workplace, out shopping or even on a day of fun out.

Features of the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down under Bags

  1. The bag has a secure snapping attachment that ensures your valuables do not get lost when they fall out at any time.
  2. It comprises of one large main compartment with a smaller front pocket. Both have strong zippers that secure your valuables on every ride.
  3. The zippers are easy to open, you can easily reach out for your bag and zip it open in a second in fact with one hand (thanks to the nylon straps that it is made of) to find whatever you need anywhere without a struggle.
  4. It has quick release latches on both sides; this makes it easy to disconnect the bag especially when going through Airport security checks.

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Enjoy Every Moment in Your Wheelchair with the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

Enjoy Every Moment in your wheelchair with the Jay X2 Wheelchair CushionWhen you have to use a wheelchair for mobility, it means that you will spend most of the time seated in the chair. Seating for long hours can cause more complications for you; this is the reason why you should consider ensuring that you are well supported in your seat and that you maintain a good posture so that you don’t worse the situation. Sportaid thinks about your health the most and always try to provide best products ever. This time Sportaid brings you the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion created with amazing features which I will let you know in the following paragraphs.

Features of the Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

  1. The Cushion comes with a stretch outer cover that makes it easy for you to keep the cushion clean.
  2. It is lightweight and has a stable foam base with a reduced profile. This provides stability and gives pressure relief to you.
  3. The JAY Flow Fluid Insert enhances its base stability and it is evenly distributed in the cushion to ensure you do not need to keep unzipping and placing pressure on the gel filled inner part to distribute it.
  4. It comes with an innovative dual cover system.

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The Body Bracer-Abdominal Binder- A Review

The Body Bracer-Abdominal Binder- A ReviewSupport your upper body and add strength in every move with the Body Bracer-Abdominal Binder. You will love this awesome Body Bracer for the comfort you will experience using it whether every day or during sports activities. Improve your performance on the pitch with this bracer that will enhance your safety, performance and comfort. Keep reading to find out the wonderful features that the Body Bracer- Abdominal Binder has.

Features of the Body Bracer-Abdominal Binder

  1. The Body Bracer has a soft and secure belt for absolute support of the abdomen.
  2. It is made of neoprene; a perfect choice for the binder as it is stretchy in nature.

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All About All-Terrain Wheelchair Tires By Sarah Werner

All-Terrain Wheelchair Tires By Sarah WernerOne of the experiences I most missed when I had to make the transition from crutches to a wheelchair was hiking. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by the natural landscape, whether it’s forest, field or mountainside, far from the noise of cars.

I am a fairly strong person, and I have a good chair, but I quickly found that my equipment was woefully inadequate on any unpaved terrain. I also didn’t have thousands of dollars to plunk down for a purpose-built all-terrain wheelchair, so I started to do some research into alternatives.

One of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to get off the paved path is to install all-terrain rear wheels on your wheelchair. The standard 1 inch wheelchair tire sinks easily into grass and dirt and has a hard time gripping uneven surfaces like gravel. In this post I’ll talk a little bit about different all-terrain tires as well as offer some advice on casters that can complement rear wheels. Continue reading