Portable Pool Lift

A Review of the Patriot Portable Pro Lift by Aqua Creek

A Review of the Patriot Portable Pro Lift by Aqua CreekSportaid presents the weight champion Portable Pro Lift. If you are worried about finding a lift that can take your weight comfortably then your search stops here. It is ADA compliant and hence recommended for commercial use. The patriot is created with many amazing features that make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a perfect lift. The lift’s design has been improved in recent times giving it even more fantastic features.

Features of the Patriot Portable Pro Lift by Aqua Creek

  1. The lift has a weight capacity of 375 lbs (170kgs).
  2. It comes with a rechargeable battery with a wall mount charger; it ensures that your lift is powered every time anywhere.
  3. The flip-up armrests that this lift has helps you to transfer in and out of the chair safely.
  4. Adjustable Lap belts further enhance your safety by ensuring that you are firmly secured in your seat.
  5. The water-resistant handset makes it easy for you to operate this lift.
  6. Removable and adjustable footrest ensures that your comfort comes first you can adjust the footrest or remove it altogether as you may desire.
  7. The lift is made of stainless steel. This material is long lasting, the powder coat finish give it a durable and attractive look.

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