Powerful tips to Help You Modify Your House for Wheelchair Mobility

Powerful tips to Help You Modify Your House for Wheelchair MobilityWhen you shop for a wheelchair and look for the specific features and adjustments there is something else you need to keep in mind: The accessibility of your home. Modifying your home to accommodate your new lifestyle as a wheelchair user is one of the things you need to consider. The quality and level of permanence of the modifications will depend on the finances available and whether the house you live in is rented or not.

The following tips will ensure you transform your home into one that you or your family member in a wheelchair will find easy to live in.

The Bathroom

This is the room that many wheelchair users and elderly people find great difficulty using much as it is a room whose need is inevitable. The initial step in enabling the independence of a wheelchair user in the bathroom is to make the doorway wide enough to accommodate turning of the wheelchair from a hallway entrance.  A roll-in shower with hand-held shower and grab bars on the wall will come handy in making it easy for you to use the bathroom. Also, a 34″ lowered suspended sink is another accessory that is ideal for your convenience in the bathroom. Enough space on both sides of the bathroom is important for transfer. All these should be made non-slip, with covers of rubber mats, ceramic slips with anti-slip finishes. Continue reading