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Sure-Grip Spinner Knobs with Base

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob with Base is an excellent device for people looking to control the speed of their vehicle’s hand movements. It allows you to move your thumb in any direction, making it easy to accelerate, change gears, and brake.

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob has been designed so that the base of the knob touches your dominant hand when driving but can easily be adjusted from left to right so you can reach all areas of the cabin.

Here is an in-depth review of Sure-Grip Spinner Knob with base.

Features of Sure-Grip Spinner Knobs with Base Review

The Sure-Grip spinner knob is one of the most popular automotive systems today. It’s been used on many steering wheels of various vehicles due to its proven strength, durability, and capability. This Sure-Grip Spinner Knob with base has several features that make it an excellent choice for any vehicle.

Quick-release function

Just like the name of the knob says, a quick-release function means no more twisting and turning to release your knobs. A simple push on the handle will immediately release any knob turning it into the base position.

Perfect user interface

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob features a unique user interface that allows for easy installation and operation of the knob. You can install the knob in just seconds without any tools required.

The spring-loaded base makes it easy to secure the knob on any steering wheel, making sure you don’t lose your grip or put too much pressure on the base of the knob when turning.

High-quality material construction

Sure-Grip spinner knobs are manufactured from high-quality, hard-coated metal. The edges of each knob have been rounded for extra safety and comfort. Sure, the Grip spinner knob features a custom built-in knob lock to make installation and removal easy.

One size fits all steering wheels

The innovative, one-size-fits-all design of the Sure grip Spinner Knob provides a secure and comfortable grip for most steering wheels.

Furthermore, the Sure-Grip spinner knob with base is designed for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and more. This means you can easily install it in any vehicle without worrying about compatibility issues. It also comes with an easy installation guide that will help you get started immediately.

The design is functional

The design of this product is also very practical. It has a smooth surface that prevents it from slipping out of your hands while driving or even when holding an object. Moreover, its shape allows you to easily turn the wheel without having to use force at all.

Pros of Sure-Grip Spinner Knob With Base

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob is a super robust and heavy-duty spin knob designed to withstand the high torque of the centrifugal clutch-driven spinner. The jaws are made of square steel and are designed to be super strong and durable. The jaw has a round hole for easy installation.

The knob has two ball racers, which can be tuned to fit your ride. The ball racers are free-running, so they don’t require external hardware; they work. This makes them ideal for use on vehicles, bikes, and scooters with fixed bike mounts or without any mounts at all.

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob is engineered with an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable spinning grip. The rubberized coating on this knob provides excellent grip and control, ensuring you can always achieve your desired speed and spin.

Bottom Line

Sure-Grip Spinner Knobs with Base has proven to be a popular design for automobile drivers. It is easy to operate and can be used on most vehicles’ left or right sides. The design is durable and provides a secure way for users to turn a steering wheel with only one arm.

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5 Stars – May 5, 2017
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As i get older driving the truck is getting a little harder to turn with your finger in the spoke of the steering wheel, backing up is even harder. I looked at the cheaper spinner knobs and you get what you pay for, brought the sure grip, (here in canada there illegal on trucks) what a difference. No more sore fingers. The quick detach works great when mto trucks pull you over for inspection. Thumbs up going to get another for the pickup.

Advantage: Strong spinner.