Why the Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair? A Review

Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair ReviewThis chair is made specifically for all types of athletes. It is fast, easy to adjust and most importantly it is durable. The name suggests that it is a tennis chair but what is in a name? The chair does not only perform on tennis courts but can be used to play other sports too by making the adjustments!

What does this Chair Feature?

  • It has a fully welded aluminum base with a fixed camber for stiffness and durability.
  • Features high-performance sports wheels that ensure ultimate performance.
  • High-pressure clincher tires.
  • Quick release axle.
  • A smart fork caster system that includes a super hard 72 mm front casters.
  • Easy to make adjustments.
  • Quick and simple to order, you only need to take your seat width and depths select a wheelbase and wheel size and bam! Your chair is ready.
  • There is a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Adjustable height swivel anti-tip with a 59 mm fifth wheel.

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Quickie 7 Series Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair Review!

Review on Quickie 7 Series Ultra Lightweight Rigid WheelchairThe Quickie 7 series is the true definition of an ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair. It is a strong wheelchair built for you if you are active and always ready for any type of challenge. The freestyle open back and premium materials that have been used to build the chair offer you total freedom of movement. It is the latest addition to the Quickie series, did you notice how incredibly precious that is?

The Quickie 7 series wheelchair is highly customized with 3 caster settings, 2 frame lengths, 7 rear wheels options, and 9 rear tire options. The frame is made of 7000 series aerospace aluminum treated with the ShapeLoc technology. It increases strength while considerably reducing the weight of the chair, the result is a strong ultra-lightweight chair.

The Freestyle Backrest Systems unmistakable style makes the 7 Series chair a true original. It also breaks barriers to independence by providing a 360° range of upper body motion and lowering the overall weight of the chair. Continue reading

Invacare Top End Preliminator Review – Is it Just another Racing Wheelchair?

Review on Invacare Top End Preliminator Racing WheelchairPurchasing a sports wheelchair is a big task that requires you to do your research very well. Easy-to-order custom racing wheelchair with adjustments that allow for growth is what the Invacare Top End Preliminator presents to you.

It has an adjustable back angle, foot plate, and in addition a seat depth that allows for growth and use by multiple users. This racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order a perfect choice for public schools, clubs, adaptive track and field, programs and even beginner paratriathletes.

The Invacare Top End Preliminator Racing Wheelchair was designed with the active youth who want to participate in track racing and/or paratriathlons in mind. This racing wheelchair is built to help a child or young adult to begin their journey into an active lifestyle. It is suitable for young children and can be used with both family and friends.

Adjustable back angle, foot plate, and seat depth allow for growth and use by multiple users. Based off of one measurement, this racing wheelchair is easy for individuals to order. You have several bold colors to choose from your rides do not need to be dull with this wheelchair. Continue reading

Review of the Number One Wheelchair for Active Users

Review of Quickie GP/GPV WheelchairThe Quickie GP and GPV is a manual rigid wheelchair. The chair is ideal for active users who need a chair for everyday use as well as sports activities. The one-piece, welded frame offers a solid, rigid ride and a lighter overall chair weight. With a variety of options, the GP series wheelchair can be customized to fit tall, short, long or wide. Any individual can definitely find an adobe in a GP.

The Quickie GP has exceptional maneuverability. Standard with a 70 front frame angle; the GPV front end option tapers inwards in a V-like fashion. These features are designed to hold the legs in a tighter position. Also available are tighter frame angle too! Continue reading

A Review on the Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 Work out Machine

Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 Workout Machine ReviewIf you like working out and would be more than happy to acquire a work out machine that you will use from the comfort of your house then this is for you! It can be used comfortably regardless of whether you are a paraplegic, a quadriplegic or an able-bodied person; thanks to its various stations that it is equipped with. It is no doubt one of the best workout machines being a product of a world leader in the fitness industry.

It is type of sports equipment technology crafted to work perfectly for both able-bodied people as well as disabled individuals. It further allows those with varied arm strength to perform at a comfortable level with minimum or even no assistance at all.

Arm Curl:-
Building sturdy noticeable biceps well separated from the forearms requires serious exercise and not just exercise but with the right machine. You will agree with me that the strenuous exercise is itself enough effort for perfect biceps, your comfort as you sweat through the sessions should, therefore, feature on your list of worries. The adjustable arm pad that adjusts to fit any user support and alignment is a guarantee. It allows both single and two-handed curls.

Seated Row:-
Further stability and comfort are added by the back pad telescopes which double as a chest pad too. And with the option of allowing you to chose a variety of options that could be the best to start from resulting in complete extensions throughout the movement and with a full work out of your middle to upper back thanks to the upper arm’s three handles what more would you ask for? Continue reading

A Critical Review on the Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair

Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair ReviewThe Quickie 2 folding wheelchair presents advanced technology and aesthetics to the folding wheelchairs arena. It’s made of aerospace aluminum that ensures the rigidity and strength of the chair while at the same time maintaining its lightweight.  It is not only a great looking wheelchair but is lightweight and so easy to fold.

The Quickie 2 Folding Wheelchair Features:-

  • Adjustable axle plates that will ensure you have all the floor heights that you ever wanted.
  • The optional Q2 caster housing combines both durability and adjustability.
  • The four-arm diamond shaped cross brace made out of 7005 series aluminum makes the redesigned cross brace more rigid, lighter and stronger.
  • The upholstery that is EXO gives the chair a sleek modern style and further provides optimal positioning.
  • A frame that adapts with you, as your body, the environment and function changes.

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Features of Quickie Xenon² Folding Wheelchair – A Review

Quickie Xenon² Folding Wheelchair ReviewIntroducing one of the world’s lightest folding wheelchairs, weighing about 8kgs only and easy to fold, lift and transport. Your active, mobile lifestyle should not be hindered by your confinement to a wheelchair, quickie xenon’s rigid frame which is a confined fixed front-frame and streamlined design are the ideal wheelchair for maximum performance.

What makes the chair unique is the ultra 7000 aerospace frame crafted out of aluminum. The shapeLoc technology that it posses doubles its strength, makes the walls thinner and hence greatly reduces its total weight. The ovalised tubing gives the chair the sturdiness and lightness that maximizes speed and strength with every push.

At the heart of the Xenon² is a perfectly designed cross-brace that fits like a glove under the seat. It is not noticeable and the axle stem compliments it providing a stable, stiff chair found in a rigid frame but while at it offering the easy to transport folding chair. Continue reading

A critical review on the Tilite 2GX Folding Titanium Wheelchair

Review on TiLite 2GX Folding Titanium WheelchairIf you are looking for a wheelchair that is strong, rigid and can endure for a long time hence durable then you are looking for the Tilite 2GX.  You will agree with me that the frame is the heart of any given wheelchair.  The Tilite’s frame is crafted from aero-space titanium that ensures the mentioned features. Rough terrain with rough surfaces outdoors is exactly what this wheelchair is built for. These combined with the other amazing features make the Tilite 2GX one of the best choice of wheelchair you can make.

It has a unique side to side folding mechanism that minimizes folding width and maximizes portability. The shaft also makes folding and unfolding an easy task for you.

The chair’s frame is curved out of titanium, titanium is one of the strongest metals that exist on the face of the earth, breaking or bending of this frame is therefore completely out of question. The guarantee of rigidity makes it one of your first choices of wheelchairs to settle for when considering buying a performer. Continue reading

A Review on the Top End Crossfire T6 Aluminum Wheelchair

Review on Top End Crossfire T6 Aluminum WheelchairI hereby introduce one of the hottest wheelchairs trending in the wheelchair market now. It offers everything you will need, including the details that you are specifically looking for. It has manageable weight coupled with a sleek design, adjustments that are simple to make and also has perfect steering. Its open frame design that is made of aluminum makes it a sturdy rigid chair.

The Wheelchair has the following Features:

  • The mono-tube open framed style it has is very rare for wheelchairs, making it a unique piece.
  • It can be folded down or fixed from the back according to need.
  • Its center of gravity adjustment height of 4.25 inches increases stability.
  • It has complete wheel/tire options making getting off and getting on it safe.

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6 Brilliant Features of the Trionic Veloped Tour Walker

Trionic Veloped Tour WalkerYour daily comfort does not to be compromised because you use a walker. It is perfectly designed for taking a stroll in the park, for going shopping and even for sightseeing. You do not have to worry about where to carry all your groceries when you go to the supermarket, the walker has a large basket to hold all your groceries.

Air Pressure Tires

The rock hard solid tires will comfort you when you are walking on cobblestones and gravel and uneven ground when outdoors. Long time use of the walker will usually leave you with pain in your hands, shoulders and even elbows. To offer you a softer ride and ensure your comfort, the air pressured tires unlike solid tires reduce vibration and give you maximum comfort.

Enjoy an Upright Posture

Many rollator users walk with a crouched back. You will agree with me that this can be very tiring and can cause harm in the long run. The reason why this happens is that the seat of the conventional walkers has been positioned too close to the legs and hence there is less space between the legs and the walker for walking. As a result, the user has to walk too far behind the rollator and the crouched position comes automatically. Continue reading