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Why the Invacare Top Care Eliminator OSR U Cage is Number one Choice for Athletes

Why the Invacare Top Care Eliminator OSR U Cage is Number one Choice for AthletesA careful observation will reveal that most great athletes prefer this wheelchair. That is enough proof that it is a high performer on the racing track. This amazing wheelchair has been precisely designed for athletes who need an amputee seat and those that use the kneeling position. With such a position, balance is vital hence the Eliminator is created to details in regard to the issue of balance.

Sturdy and Strong

The Invacare Top Care Eliminator OSR U cage is a sturdy piece, it could be described as a heavy duty chair when it comes to handling massive weight, and it has a capacity of 250 lbs that amounts to about 130kgs weight capacity. Strong well built athletes will find this a comfortable chair and will race in absolute comfort.

Kneeling amputee or traditional adjustable Upholstery

The adjustable upholstery will enable you to adjust it to the desired positions; this will enhance comfort and being a sporting chair will lead to excellent performance, for it goes without saying that any discomfort while on the track will affect your performance adversely.

Custom 6061 T6 Aluminum Frame

The choice of aluminum in creating the frame of this chair is intentional. There could not be any other metal as sturdy and as light at the same time that could beat aluminum in making the frame. It is what every engineer would recommended  for the building of the frame of a wheelchair made for racing.

Integral Wrap-Around Fenders

The integral wrap-around fenders and aluminum side panels combined with a straight axle tube with rear wheel alignment, aluminum fork and brakes built on this wheelchair adds on its stability. Giving it the much needed ability to perform and give you full confidence and assurance on the track.

Track Compensator System

You will not steer into a corner because you are still pushing the wheelchair. The precision track indicator has the ability to control your steering and will help improve performance; it will also ensure that you do not trail off the racing lane in case of disturbances. It has the control. It ensures maximum speed on the road and on every corner.


The motive of any athlete is to win; sport is all about speed and precision. The design of the Eliminator is a winning partner in any race. Built for speed it will beat the odds to ensure that you bring out the winner in you.

You now know why the Invacare Top Care Eliminator OSR is the number one choice for athletes all over the world.

Price is not the only factor to consider when buying Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR U-Cage, the fast delivery from Sportaid is a crowd pleaser!