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Why Aero Z Rigid Aluminum Wheelchair is a must have?

TiLite Aero Z Rigid Aluminum WheelchairNo other wheelchair beats the Aero Z in terms of performance. The wheelchair has been made for your convenience since you can easily customize some of its parts to your desire. Also known as enhanced odds, this type of bonus can usually be found on high-profile events, like the NFL or NBA finals. A Modern distinguished look is the appropriate description of this wheelchair.

Mono-Tube Aluminum Frame

The Aero boasts a unique 1.25″ mono-tube aluminum frame which is created using the sophisticated CAD software. Casino sites generally have a minimum deposit amount, so you will need to at least match this in order to start playing. And like the legendary Italian hand stitched shoe, the mono-frame is hand made by the TiLite team according to the customer’s specifications. This modern chair takes away the old fashioned string used to fold back rest on most chairs.

Bullet Caster Housing

If you are a new manual wheelchair user then the Aero Z is the perfect choice for you. Its adjustable bullet caster housing provides a 15° forward and rearward adjustment. Sometimes your needs may change with time, it makes sense to have a chair that accommodates the changes as they occur. The Aero Z has all that covered.

Tru-Fit System

The Aero Z has been built with the Tru-Fit system. It not only reduce frame holes for durability but also makes you change the center of gravity effortlessly. The Tru-Fit system;s axle plate design makes the chair portable because the axle plate never extends below the camber tube.

5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel

This high performance new soft roll wheel has been modeled with a reduced weight of only 1. ounces, having cut-off about 40% weight of the original 3-spoke wheel. The wheel guarantees a smooth and soft roll.

14 Amazing Colors to choose from

The Aero Z frame is available in 14 different frame colors. There is something for everyone, so whether you are looking for a bright, aggressive, beautiful sunny day color or the simple, plain cool look the Aero Z has it for you.


The Aero Z is made for your absolute convenience, the 5-spoke wheel makes steering and propulsion easier, while the Tishaft back release bar makes adjusting of the backrest from any angle a lot easier. The Tru-Fit system enables you to configure your camber and caster wheels. With all these features, the Aero Z presents an entity that is unique and epic.

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