Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT Product Review

Quickie GT Wheelchair ReviewThe Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid is a strong durable chair with a rigid aluminum frame. It is designed for performance and durability. If you love comfort well who doesn’t? Then this is the perfect wheelchair for you. It is easy to adjust and modify for precision. It is also easy to transport, its open L. frame guarantees this and therefore ideal for you if you are always on the move.

The foot rests have a nice design that keeps your feet comfortable and stable in it. The excellent ergo brakes ensure your safety as you ride and roll. It is easy to use and would work great for any wheelchair user more so for a new user. You wouldn’t regret having the GT as your first wheelchair.

The 26″ spinergy combined with complete suspension offers a compact yet effective wheelchair. Besides, the chair has adjustable features, allowing you to customize it according to your size and comfort.

Features of the Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT

  • Consists of both front and rear suspension options
  • Seat heights of 12″-20″
  • Adjustable axle placements
  • Rigid aluminum frame for sturdiness and durability
  • Folding back rest, it enhances adjustability and comfort
  • Weighs 20.5 lbs, among one of the lightest wheelchairs
  • Rear wheel options 22″, 24″, and 26″

Pros and Cons of Quickie Ultra Weight Rigid GT Wheelchair


  • A very light yet strong chair, easy to transport you can place it next to you in the front seat of your car without any problem. It will fit perfectly.
  • The casters are great, and making five of them on a chair ensures durability
  • Easy to adjust, you need very little effort to adjust
  • Comfortable and highly maneuverable


  • The rims can get too hot or cold
  • Adjustability of more parts can make the chair creek due to screws that are not well right end

The Quickie Ultra Weight can be described as the next best thing to walking. It is designed for comfort since almost every feature can be adjusted to fit you according to your specifications and needs. For a smooth ride, wear a pair of gloves to avoid having your hands getting into contact with the cold or hot rims. Adjustability of most parts may weaken the chair if not well maintained, ensure your chair is maintained at least after every two months to continue riding smoothly.

Sportaid is thrilled to offer the Quickie GT with 35% discount which takes its ques from the beloved Quickie Ti Titanium’s design principles.