Invacare Prospin X4 Swing Away Front Wheelchair

When buying a wheelchair you consider the same points as you do when purchasing any other electronics and appliances used at home. You want it to work exactly as advertised, possess the features you need and be in your budget range. But unlike other consumer products wheelchairs play a significant role in the lives of the users and therefore it is vital to select one that takes multiple of factors into consideration.

Light Weight

The Invacare Prospin X4 has all the qualities mentioned above. It has a feather light frame that is easy to lift. The light weight makes it portable and is ideal for users who travel frequently and need to be on and off the wheelchair yet carry it with them whenever they go comfortably.

High Quality

The quality of this wheelchair is top notch, with the COG and STF key in the axle plate configurable to the very best standards. This makes the Invacare Prospin X4 not only a wheelchair worth purchasing, but ensures that the wheelchair delivers the service that it was built for perfectly.

Unique Design

Besides, the axle plate has been built with an originality that oozes without having to be described. The side frame on the other hand is one of a kind. It gives the wheelchair style and polishes it giving it a splendid look and makes it meet the standards of a well designed wheelchair.


This one of a kind wheelchair with features made with you in mind is the absolute answer for the wheelchair that you have combed all around looking for.