Best Choice for the Sports Wheelchair – Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair

The Colours Hammers Quad Rugby Wheelchair is the best choice for contact sports. It is used worldwide by top rugby athletes among other sportsmen.

Rigid Frame

The ‘Hammer’ features huge Aerospace Drawn Tubing, a wide “Hammer” and numerous custom options to design the chair to your specific needs.

Custom anti-tippers

These are a truly winning innovative design feature, and the beauty of it all is that you can either choose a single design or settle for a double design. They both offer an advantage which cannot be ignored. Now you can concentrate on the game 100 percent rather than the effects of gravity.

Dynamic Design

This chair has up to 20 degree of camber, you can turn on a dime and glide by the competition. The dynamic design of the huge super tubing and camber plate enables you to make adjustments that not only improve your performance but your game too.

Specially Equipped for Different Sports

Whether playing hockey, softball, football or rugby this is the ultimate wheelchair for you. It is specially designed for contact sports. The rigid frame design is perfect for the purpose for which it was built. Any sportsman will enjoy using this wheelchair.

Offensive Wings

In any sport, you have to ensure you outplay the competitor. The Hammer Quad is the designed with this in mind. Offensive wings on each side are custom mounted to bounce your competitors away and give you the space to glide away and out play them.


It is evident that the Hammer Quad Rugby Wheelchair is one of its kind, its uniqueness makes it the best sport wheelchair worldwide. It is a symbol of efficiency and high performance in the world of sports and wheelchairs.