Why you will want to read this article before buying the Quickie Shark Hand Cycle

The Quickie shark hand cycle is built for champions. Some of the features that make it an ideal choice include a vertical crank adjustment, X link frame separation mechanism and an ergonomic seat design you will be transported to a new level of speed and performance. So read on and find out why the quickie shark handcycle is a gem.

Multiple Frame Colors

Do you want to stand out from the crowd in a colorful stylish handcycle? This is what you are definitely looking for; you have 26 different color frames to choose from. The varieties of colors ensure that there is a color to suit everyone’s preference.

Ergonomic Seat and Back

The backrest can be set to any angle between 30° and 90°. The adjustable seat heights give you optimal seat positioning. In addition, your weight is well-taken care and dispersed evenly by the multi-adjustable ergonomic seat and backrest.

Adjustable Arm-Crank

This lightweight three-way adjustable arm crank is a masterpiece. If you desire, it can be individually suited to your specific seat-angle positions arm length and riding technique. A specified crank measurement can be designed specifically for you if that is what you choose.

Stiff Frame-Connection

A “Y” shaped frame connecting weld between the fork and frame combined with special internal reinforcement structure ensures the shark is able to deliver superior performance. The one-piece frame profile is crafted to meet the stringent standards required at both amateur and professional competitions.

Recreational or Racer

Whether competing in a race or just taking a leisurely ride o grab some ice cream you can count on the shark.  The hand cycle’s gear is configured to suit your needs. Ranging from a simple 7-speed touring configuration and end with the 27-speed multi racing configuration that offers three different shifting options.

X Link Detachment Mechanism

This is a new concept in detachable frames. It raises and gives maximum support to the seat frame section of the bike when detaching the steering fork from the bike. When the steering frame is loaded into a vehicle, the elevated seat becomes a perfect transfer platform.

Neck Support

If you are using a heavily reclining backrest there is an optional neck support for your comfort. It takes the shape of your lower back neck’s curvature giving you maximum support on long rides.

Hand Grip Choices

This is ideal for the propulsion system of the cycle. The shark offers you both vertical and horizontal handles. The vertical handles are also available in standard and small diameters this is helpful for athletes who have more limited hand functionality and need handles they can hook their fingers around.


And finally, for any high-speed product safety must be put into consideration. The shark is built with optional protection plates on the top and bottom of the drive chain. It protects you from mud and dirt spraying off from the chain and also keeps your legs and hands protected from the gear mechanisms.


The quickie shark hand cycle offers an ultimate hand cycle that you will enjoy riding on the racing track or at your own leisure time. It will elevate you to a new level of speed combined with performance. Visit Sportaid for this must have hand cycle.