Wheelchair Safety for New Users

Wheelchair Safety for New UsersYour doctor treated you and after so many deliberations you had to use a wheelchair for mobility. That was not good news, but it is the situation that you are now in. It could be your first day in a wheelchair you are all scared and  are relying on the overwhelming guides of how to operate your wheelchair and at times even guesswork. What you should focus on is your safety, and with a little practice, you will be enjoying the rides maneuvering the kerbs like a pro. The following safety tips will keep you in your chair.

Be Visible

Use reflections, lights, flags and other flashy items to stay visible on the road in the dark. Pedestrians, motorists and other road users will spot you from a distance.

Discard the Luggage

It goes without saying that as a new wheelchair user you will want to have your bags and stuff with you like before. The first place you will want to carry your bag is at the back of your wheelchair. This is not advisable. The weight of your bag may be too much for your chair and you may get your first fall the chair may tip off during transfer.

Be Aware of the Weather

Bad weather (read rainy weather) is a no-go zone for you. Rain will not only cause  wheelchairs to lose traction but can make the control systems of motorized wheelchairs wet. When you are out and see a gathering cloud it’s time to run indoors.

Lock up the Brakes

Remember to lock the brakes before getting in or getting out of the wheelchair. You are ten times more likely to fall when getting in and when getting out of your wheelchair than when riding in your wheelchair. If your wheelchair is a motorized one always turn off the power before transferring.

Take Extra Care while at Inclines and Slopes

Before you had to use a wheelchair you could walk and climb stairs. What you should know now is that wheelchairs cannot climb stairs, no they can’t. Do not, therefore, force a wheelchair up or down the stairs or on slopes and inclines. You do not only risk falling but you might damage the parts of your wheelchair. Sportaid offers an extensive selection of EZ-Access Wheelchair Ramps to redefine your concept of accessibility

In Summary

A new wheelchair user like a new driver needs time to stabilize on the ‘wheel’. Most people on seeing a person in a wheelchair assume that the person knows how to ride it properly but the wearer, in this case, is the only one who knows where the shoes could be pinching him. In as much as accidents can happen to even the most experienced wheelchair users, new users are most likely going to be victims. Take time and learn how to control the wheelchair your confidence will build up and soon you will be enjoying every ride in your wheelchair.